Toa Nykos The Journey To The Codrex is about Toa Nykos journeying to the codrex while his matoran friends chase Makuta Teridax.

Chapter 1:The Start of the Mission

Toa Nykos,Toa of Universes,fell in a coma.His mind was flooded with memories of his creation;his matorian friends building him,the strike of the Great Beings that turned him alive.He knew it.Then the memories stopped.He tooken his Matoran friends,Pykos and Powdruns,to the Codrex.Knowing the Makuta's plans will succeed,he sent Pykos and Powdruns to Metru Nui to dig under the collisium,to find Teridax with the help of the Toa Hagah to face Teridax.In case he escaped,Pykos went underground with the Toa Hagah while Powdruns stays with the Toa Mahri.

Chapter 2:The Hot Vehicle Persuit

Toa Nykos teleported into the Codrex.With the remains of the Rockhoh T3,he built a veichle for himself to get to the awakening spot to awaken Mata Nui.All of a sudden a Makuta appeared.The Makuta was female.She said"You'll never awaken Mata Nui!".Toa Nykos fired his weapons.But it was no match for the female Makuta.He find out the best way to face the enemy is to form the Mental Link.

Chapter 3:The Metru Nui Battle

Visorak are spreading around the collisium.As Powdruns faces the Visorak,Pykos is facing the Karanzhi Plant.Pykos chopped the Karanzhi Plant in half and Powdruns fired light bolts at the visorak.But it did not work.They find out the best way to face the enemy is to form the Mental Link.

Chapter 4:The Mental Link!

The 3 forge the Mental Link.Toa Nykos was able to defeat the female Makuta.Pykos was able to defeat the Karanzhi plant and Powdruns was able to defeat the visorak.Toa Nykos was able to continue protecting Toa Ignika from other sources of danger.Pykos was able to keep going underground and Powdruns was able to keep on waiting.Toa Nykos then meets a De-Matoran named Ozeka.Ozeka asks Toa Nykos if he was destined to be a hero.

Chapter 5:The Ending

Part 1

As Toa Ignika flew to the part of the Codrex,Toa Nykos had to get out of Karda Nui.The Energy Storm was beginning to erupt.Ozeka had no protection.Toa Nykos reached him and the De-Matoran was suprised.The 20 incarnations of a Mohtrek,with Random-made bodies,were closing in.

Powdruns knew it.The Toa Mahri had the Heart of the Visorak.Jaller,Hahli and Nuparu headed to Artidax.Kongu and Hewkii stayed in Metru Nui.Powdruns sended a telepathic message to Pykos that he had to head to Artidax just in case the Toa Mahri are boat-less.Powdruns headed to a boat with the visorak in pursuit of the Heart.He had to hit the visorak for his rescue mission.Takadox had come across him.He had to do some action at him.

Part 2

Toa Nykos was able to defeat the mohtrek and studied the storm at the same time without dying or being defeated.Ozeka exclaimed "The energy storm is made of 3 zillion lightnings that ravage Karda Nui every now and then.".The female Makuta,now known as Nightvision,has absorbed the energy of Makuta Mutran and Chirox and created an new version of the 2 makuta.Ozeka then abadoned his glider and went on a skyfighter,quickly attacking Nightvision.Before Ozeka can do another shot,Vican told Ozeka that she's not worth it.Later,Toa Nykos just found a Tablet of Transit and converted it into a shield to protect himself.Toa Nykos and Ozeka speed out of Karda Nui blasting Voya Nui.They were able to survive due to their vehicles ability to adapt with the owner.They fly out of Mahri Nui and finally saw the great spirit Mata Nui!Toa Nykos saw a signal in the sky made of light.A signal made of light that is weak means a matoran wants someone to retrace where it came.

Pykos heard the sound of molten protodermis.He knew the old Av-Matoran legends.They say the sound of molten protodermis means someone was going to die.He made a light signal in the air.He waited and expected someone to rescue him.Pykos started to hear the sound of a vehicle.Toa Nykos landed his Kardas Flyer T1 and used his powers to get to Pykos.He swiftly grabbed Pykos and used his molten protodermis resistance power on the two.They came out and Pykos rode on Toa Nykos' Kardas Flyer T1.

Toa Nykos and Ozeka flew to a boat where Powdruns was.Powdruns hopped on Ozeka's Skyfighter T4.Toa Nykos finds out that the stars are aligning into the Kanohi Kraahkan.Toa Nykos finnally decides one thing to do.He goes into a void and attempts to grab the Mask of Life but got pulled back into the Matoran Universe.Powdruns tells Toa Nykos about a voice in his mind telling him to go in that direction.Toa Nykos pilots his vehicle into the direction Powdruns tells him to head.Then Powdruns tells Toa Nykos that the voice is coming from a Turaga.Toa Nykos takes the Turaga and heads for Metru Nui.Meanwhile,Pykos takes shelter in a shadow free shield.When Toa Nykos returned,Pykos hatched a ride on Ozeka's Skyfighter.Toa Nykos creates a portal and the 5 teleport to the Glatorian Universe.

Chapter 6:A New Begining

The five land on a desert with no one around.Toa Nykos finds the Mask of Life in a spot where some one might find it.The five travel more further and further until their vehicles can no longer move.Toa Nykos decided that the desert is an endless desert.

Notice:To be continued in The Bara Magna Journey,Chapter 1.


Toa Nykos





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