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Toa Omega
Toa Omega
Headquarters Unknown
Leader Omega
Goal Defeat the Bringers of Destruction
Status Active
Allies Razek, Model X, Ackar
Enemies Bringers of Destruction

The Toa Omega are a team of Toa, dedicated to defend the Matoran from the Bringers of Destruction and Shadowmaster.



  • Each official Toa Omega has their rival. Omega's rival is Virus. Delix's is Ceril. Radiex's is Athorax. Zelchion's is Void.
    • Regarding the honorary, non-Toa members, Razek's rival is Sol, Model X's is The Leader, and Ackar's is Brute.
  • A friend of Omega before he died was Vartix. Omega points to the fallen Toa as an example of heroism.
Toa Omega v

Leader: Omega

Members: Zelchion  • Radiex  • Delix

Allies: Model X  • Ackar  • Razek