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Toa Revealed
Setting Earth
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BIONICLE: Toa Revealed is a story written by Tesh Vohore, in which Aqua Magna is, in fact, planet Earth. The Toa were just normal human beings, until one night when six young teens gathered together to celebrate the end of the school. That night, their destiny changed and sent them down a path some were not willing to follow. Set in the real world, in real time, these teens have to overcome the troubles of normal life and being the heroes prophesied to save the world.

BIONICLE: Toa Revealed takes an interesting look at the troubles that faced the world and how each Toa reacted to what was happening outside, and inside their atmosphere. Taking the classic BIONICLE tale, with a few twists and turns, the author tried to bring out the idea of hope in every situation, even if it took a little digging to get to. The author will be posting new sections of the story as he progresses in it himself.



At the dawn of time, when the stars first gave forth light to the dark heavens, one spirit stretched out his hand and brought life to a lonely planet. An island arose from the rushing seas, an island paradise where animals roamed free amongst the growing inhabitants, the Matoran. The Matoran loved the paradise and in turn named the island after the spirit, Mata Nui, in honor of him. Shortly after, more islands arose and peace reigned over the land until Mata Nui’s evil brother, Makuta, followed Mata Nui and descended upon the Island.

Makuta was jealous of Mata Nui, and tricked him into a deep slumber, hiding him inside his chamber. He gained control of the paradise island and sent it into an age of darkness. But the Matoran didn’t give up hope. Instead, they held onto the prophecy that six mighty heroes would journey to the Island and free them from captivity. For centuries they held onto that hope, and all throughout that time, more, larger land masses grew on the planet, quickly hiding the Islands.

Many of the Matoran fled the Island paradise, as the darkness grew stronger, some in search of those six heroes. They spread wide through the new land, growing more and more, making it harder for Makuta to keep his grasp. Makuta, fearing to lose control, instilled fear in the Matoran, who took on the appearance of the other inhabitants of the larger land masses to hide from Makuta’s wrath, by turning the land against them.

Makuta continued to retain control by consuming some of the beasts of the land with his power and evil nature, ordering them to attack the Matoran and their hiding comrades. Makuta planned to crush all hope of the six heroes arriving, and bringing his reign to an end. He made his final strike, when he erased the name the Matoran gave the land and called it “the shadows” or Earth. But even then, a small group of Matoran believed with all their hearts that the six heroes were still coming...and they were coming soon.

Chapter 1

Laguna Beach, Orange County, California was the hot spot for maturing teens and beginning twenties on their spring or summer break. The beautiful beaches that stretched the golden coast bustled with sun bathers and die-hard swimmers. The further reaches of the waters consisted of surfers and sailors, those who had mastered the seas. Though many of these beach dwellers were local rich land owners, there were the few outsiders.

Two such outsiders were Nicolas Owens and Michael Davis, in the unwanted company of Michael’s older brother, Joshua Davis. They had rented a small, almost embarrassing ’06 lime green Volkswagen Golf. The driver, Nicolas, pulled the car up to the edge of the parking space, just a couple feet from the beach. He and Michael stepped out, dressed casual for the beach. They had on a loose tropic shirt and their bathing suit. Joshua then climbed into the front seat and snatched the keys from Nick’s hand.

“Now, what exactly are you going to do?” Nick insisted.

“Well, I plan on putting these keys in the ignition, turning them so it starts the engine, closing the door, putting the gear into drive and check into the hotel. You?” Josh wondered.

“Well, I was planning on hanging out out here until it’s time to check in. This is an upscale hotel... It has a check in time, and that is five o’clock. It’s three now.” Nick joked.

“So you could pay for a fancy hotel, but not a nice car?” Josh inquired.

“My parents paid for the hotel, unfortunately, I’m not that rich. This is all I could afford. Just be glad you were allowed to come with us as a chaperone,” Nick remarked.

“It’s no fun when you’re the chaperone of your own little brother.” Josh noted, “But at least this is a nice place.”

Josh started the engine and drove off.

“Umm, where is he going?” Michael wondered.

“Probably to a different spot. A cooler spot. I mean, who would want to hang out on a beach when their younger brother is just a couple feet away?” Nick stated.

“But he took the car,” Michael reprimanded.

“Don’t worry. The hotel is only a block away.” Nick replied.

“Oh.” Mike noted. He turned to face the beachfront, “I still can’t believe our parents let us come here. I mean, they do know what goes on here, right?”

“Probably not, but what they don’t know won’t hurt them. Besides, I plan on having a nice time just swimming and enjoying the scenery.” Nick paused, then quickly spoke up, “I mean the ocean scenery.”

“Ha!” Mike laughed, “You and your sense of respect.”

The two of them walked off onto the beach, down by the kiosks, where Mike saw a small poster promoting a midnight party that was going to be held on the beach.

“Hey, look at that. A party,” Mike insisted, examined the poster a little closer then sighed, “Invitation only. Figures.”

“I told you, I’m here to swim and enjoy the scenery,” Nick replied.

“Then why in the world did you come to Laguna Beach?” Mike shouted, chasing after Nick, who had started to run away as he shouted.

The hotel was a little more than a block away, but it was easy to reach from the beach by foot. Unfortunately, Josh was driving there. He pulled up to the front, only to see you could only enter from behind, since it was above the road level by six feet with only a small pathway that led up to the hotel parking lot.

Josh drove up a little ways until he was able to turn up. He traveled the distance he figured he had to and tried to turn at the next intersection, but it was a one-way street headed the other direction. Josh drove up to the next intersection, journeyed back towards the hotel; only to find that there was no turn off to go down. Eventually, he went back to the highway and tried entering that way, and found it rather easy from there. He pulled into the only free spot and got out. Locking the door behind him, he strolled over to the entrance to the hotel.

The lobby was elegant, yet had a certain common feel about it, almost like it was one of those mock five-star hotels. He walked up to the check-in counter and leaned over. There was no one present. Just my luck, Josh thought. He saw the small calling bell located just an arms length away. He reached over and hit the bell. A few minutes later a clerk entered the room.

“How may I help you?” The clerk inquired.

“I’m Joshua Davis. I’m here for a Nicolas Owens. He has a reservation under Mr. Owens.” Josh explained.

The clerk fiddled through some clipboards before he found the one with “Mr. Owens” written on it. He picked it out of a small reservation box and handed it to Josh.

“Just sign here, please,” The clerk instructed.

Josh took the clipboard and signed the three of them into the hotel. As he handed the board back, the clerk asked.

“Did you find the place OK?” the clerk wondered.

Josh didn’t want to lie to the clerk because it was against his good will, but he feared giving them a bad review in their own lobby. It’s a scam created by hotel managers. They draw you inside then ask for your opinion knowing you can’t say anything bad, Josh thought.

“I found it pretty easily,” Josh replied, “but getting here was a pain,” he whispered under his breath.

He turned around, the key to the room in his hand, and ran into a woman standing behind him.

“Oh, sorry,” Josh stated, grabbing her by the shoulders to keep her from falling over.

“It’s OK.” The lady replied brushing a locket of brown hair that had fallen onto her face.

Josh smiled and let go of her shoulders. He walked out the doors, not thinking anything else of it. He walked back to the car and drove back to the beach to pick up Nick and Michael.

Chapter 2

The water felt cool after being out in the hot California sun. Nick and Mike had settled down after racing each other out to the nearest buoy and back. Nick noticed as Mike constantly looked around the beach, pointing out each “babe” that would be suitable for him.

“Ha.” Nick chuckled.

“What? So now I can’t look for a future Mrs. Davis?” Mike stated.

“You can, but that’s not what you’re doing. You’re looking for the next ex-girlfriend. Why is your mind always on women?” Nick wondered.

“And you mean yours isn’t?” Mike insisted.

“Now, that isn’t the point of this conversation. I take pride in my thoughts, because, no…they’re not always on women. I have a creative mind. I love thinking up new ideas.” Nick replied.

“The funny thing is, all the ones you’ve told me about involve you saving some girl from imminent danger.” Mike retorted.

“A man can dream, can’t he?” Nick joked.

The two of them sat on the beach, Nick looking out to sea, Mike still looking for a girl. Mike noticed off in the distance, a group of kids playing volleyball, when the ball was bumped out of bounds and flying in his direction. He looked at the ball, glanced quickly to the group, then back at Nick, and returned to the ball. Just seconds before it was going to hit, Mike ducked his head slightly, and the ball continued through, smacking Nick in the chin. Nick fell to the sand as the volleyball came to a stop next to him. When he was oriented enough to know what was going on, he gave a quick glare at Mike, who was chuckling at him.

“Oops. My bad,” Mike laughed.

Nick picked up the ball next to him and chucked it at Mike. Mike snapped his arm up to block it, causing it to bounce back to where Nick was sitting. Nick picked up the ball and reached his hand out to Mike.

“Come on. We’re going to return it,” Nick pressed.

“You’re such a spoilsport,” Mike stated.

“How is that being a spoilsport?” Nick inquired as they approached the group playing volleyball.

When they reached the court, one of the players, a girl, approached them. She had blonde hair that reached to her shoulders, bright green eyes, and a charming smile. It was charming enough to make Mike fall apart. She was just about his height and just about his strength, which scared him a little. Mike had a policy that no girl should be as strong or stronger than him; otherwise, she wasn’t a girl. She was wearing a aqua blue tang top with matching darker swimming shorts. She walked up and picked the ball out of Nick’s hands.

“Thanks,” She iterated.

“No problem,” Nick explained.

The girl looked back at the group, then turned to looked at Nick and Mike.

“We’re short two players, if you two want to play. We’re playing with three-man teams, but it’d be easier with four, if you’re up to it,” she stated, and paused. “Oh, I’m sorry. My name is Alexandra, or Alex for short.”

Alex placed the ball in one hand and held the other for a shake. Nick acknowledged it and shook her hand.

“My name is Nicolas,” Nick paused, “Or Nick for short.”

Alex smiled again and insisted on them playing a game.

“Well, that’s up to my friend. Mike?” Nick inquired.

Mike just stood there, almost in a trance, but not an embarrassing trance. He started mumbling some words, but nothing made any sense. Alex looked at him, then at Nick.

“Translation?” Alex insisted.

“I’m not quite sure, but I think it means yes,” Nick joked.

Nick and Mike enjoyed a rather long game of volleyball with their newfound friends. They experienced a new way to play beach volleyball, where any part of the body could be used, and winning score was thirty. Nick, due to his height, was often placed in the rear row to put him in good spiking position. Mike, who was used to playing soccer, made use of his feet in times of desperation when his arms were just out of reach. He managed to pull off an impressive move when the ball was bumped far enough to just be inside the out-of-bounds line. He turned his body away from the net, fell back into the air, and tapped the ball back over the net, unfortunately right to Nick, who was waiting to spike it back.

“You had to ruin my glory, didn’t you?” Mike shouted.

“That is why I’m here,” Nick retorted.

They continued playing for another thirty minutes until Nick and Alex’s team won thirty to twenty-seven. It ended with a wild kick by Mike, which caused the ball to go far out-of-bounds. Mike, then, was the one chosen to go get it. While Mike was off, Nick stepped aside and started talking to Alex.

“So, did you really need two more players for your rendition of beach volleyball, or were just making an excuse to get my friend Mike over here?” Nick inquired.

“I’m appalled that you would think that,” Alex stated, grabbing a water bottle and tossing it to Nick.

“I’m not stupid, Alex. You couldn’t stop looking at him. You gave up three points because of it.” Nick replied.

Alex chuckled.

“Well, I guess I’m lucky to have you on my team to cover for my mistakes. Question? Do you always approach woman you just meet like this?” Alex insisted.

“Ha! No. Just the ones hitting on my friend,” Nick responded.

“If it’s worth anything, I was hitting on your friend because he was hitting on me first,” Alex noted.

“I know. That’s why I felt it safe to ask you. I’m not stupid, remember. I know better,” Nick stated.

Alex and he walked back onto the volleyball court and continued their conversation there.

“Nick, I was wondering. There’s this party tonight here on the beach. It’s a private party, invitation only, but I’m pretty sure I can get you and Mike in. It’ll be one of those end-of-the-year parties that my friends and I are throwing, so there’ll be no drinking, no drugs, and hopefully no one will catch on fire this time. That is, if you’re interested.” Alex wondered.

“This time?” Nick questioned.

“I’m only kidding, but there will be a big bonfire. I’ve invited a few other people who aren’t from around here, so you won’t be the only outsiders.” Alex clarified.

“Well, my friend’s brother came with us; will he be able to come?” Nick requested.

“Yeah, the more the merrier.” Alex responded.

“Did you have to use that cliché?” Nick wondered.

“Life wouldn’t be the way it is without them.” Alex quoted her English teacher.

“That’s true. It would be a lot better off.” Nick joked.

At that moment Mike walked up with the volleyball. Nick and Alex explained to him about the party. Mike’s eyes lit up when he heard the news. A large smile grew on his face.

“Well, that is why we came to Laguna Beach.” Mike stated.

“No, that’s why you came,” Nick clarified.

“Then why did you come?” Alex insisted.

“I’m still not sure.”

Chapter 3

That night, after Josh had returned to the beach to find his kid brother and friend hanging out with a girl, Josh returned to the beach with his kid brother and friend to hang out with the exact same girl. He pulled the car up to edge of the beach and stepped out. Within a couple of seconds, Alex was standing just a couple inches from the lime green Volkswagen Golf. She insisted that they go and hang out around the bonfire of texts and research papers. UCLA had let out about a week ago, and this was the last time they would get a chance to use the beach for a celebration.

Nick happened to look up and the clear night sky and noticed that it was a full moon. The deep gray seas faded into the night sky. It was near eleven o’clock when they arrived. The three guys looked over towards the bonfire and noticed two others that didn’t look familiar, until Josh saw that one of them was a girl. It was the same girl he had ran into earlier at the hotel checkout counter. They proceeded over to the fire and took a seat on one of the beach logs that were placed there for effect.

“So this is it?” Josh posed.

“Well, we did bring a football and volleyball, but we figured you guys would prefer to sit here next to the fire.” One of the guys standing next to Alex stated.

His name was John, John Harris. He was Alex’s older brother. Josh noticed this and figured he was about the same age as John, and tried to relate. Nick tapped Mike’s arm, trying to get him to throw the football with him, but Mike refused. Nick ran over, picked up the football, and convinced another guy, Aaron Taylor, to play catch with him. Mike continued to stay seated, sitting next to the girl Josh ran into at the hotel. He looked at her, and saw she looked a little uncomfortable. He tried to break the ice by introducing himself.

“Hi. I’m Mike Davis, I’m new here too,” Mike stated.

Jennifer Williams,” she replied quickly.

“So why are you at Laguna Beach?” Mike wondered.

“I’m visiting my cousins,” Jennifer replied pointing at Alex and John.

“So you know them,” Mike realized.

“Yeah. So why are you here?” Jennifer wondered.

“I’m here for vacation,” Mike replied confidently.

“Ha,” Jennifer laughed. “You realize that all that stuff people say that goes on here is only on TV. Nothing like that actually happens here.”

“I know,” Mike laughed.

“Mike! Heads up!” a voice cried out from the distance.

A football soared through the air and landed just in front of Mike’s feet. He picked up the ball and looked off to his right to see Nick ducking behind Aaron.

“You’re a little off!” Mike shouted.

“Well, I didn’t want you to do what you did earlier!” Nick shouted.

Mike smirked and stood up. He brought his arm and threw the ball. Unfortunately, his arm wasn’t as good as his kick, and the ball flew a foot over Nick’s head. Nick jumped up to grab it out of the air, but timed his jump wrong and just barely tapped it. The ball flipped over another three feet, landed just shy of the water. Nick looked over at Mike and shrugged his shoulders. He turned around and ran over to pick up the ball. As he approached the beach he noticed something floating off in the distance, in the water. He started to walk out into the water, when he stopped himself. Late at night, visibility next to zero. Not the smartest thing to do, he thought to himself.

He turned around and shouted back to shore for the others to come. When they arrived he pointed out the buoyant object a good ten feet out. When it got close, the others noticed it was a large metal cylinder. Nick tilted his head and saw something inscribed on the side, but it was covered by seaweed and algae. He walked up and scraped off the algae covering the inscription. He peered at it long, only to find it was just four circles, with lines crossing the inner part of the circle. He walked back to the front and joined the others staring at the top.

“It’s a container or canister of some sort.” Josh stated.

“What? How do you know?” Alex insisted.

“Look at the way the top is. It looks like it’s connected to the base cylinder, almost like it screws off or pops off.” Josh described walking closer to the cylinder.

“And you can tell all that from looking at an indent on a floating cylinder in the middle of the night.” Jennifer commented.

“Well, that’s the only explanation.” Josh replied looking back at the group.

“So we have a big canister, floating in the water, off the coast of Laguna Beach. This trip has just jumped to a new level of cool.” Nick stated sarcastically.

“Well, if it’s a canister, what does it carry?” Jennifer wondered.

“There’s only one way to find out.” Josh stated walking up to the canister.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” A voice spoke up from behind.

Josh turned around to see a kid he didn’t recognize from the group. Nick looked behind him and there, standing tall, was a boy with glasses.

“Hi. I’m Nick,” Nick said, holding his hand out.

“Pleasure.” The kid stated walking by.

“Umm, that would be the part where you tell me your name and shake my hand.” Nick shouted.

“I did, this morning on the beach.” The kid turned around.

“Oh, right. I remember. Gregory…umm, Gregory White.” Nick stated, “You did that to me then too.”

Greg walked up to Josh and introduced himself.

“Nice to meet you. Now, tell me. Why shouldn’t I try to open this?” Josh wondered.

“Because there are five more down along the beach headed this way. My guess is they’re from the power plant a good mile down the beach,” Greg stated.

“You would know this because...” Josh inquired.

“Well, because I live here in Laguna Beach and my dad owns this beachfront right here.” Greg stated.

“Oh. Are you sure they’re from the power plant?” Josh questioned.

“You don’t believe me, do you?” Greg insisted.

“Not really,” Josh replied.

“Fair enough. Wait until the others get here then we can open them all together,” Greg stated.

“Sounds good to me,” Nick shouted.

“Nick,” Josh retorted.

“Hey. Listen, he says he’s from around here, his father owns the beach. I’m pretty sure he would know what goes on here.” Nick noted.

Josh gave a quick look towards Alex and John. They gave him a recognition glance back and nodded.

“OK. We’ll wait,” Josh ordered.

The twelve of them sat there on the beach for five minutes as the other five canisters came ashore. When all six were settled, the twelve paired up and they each went to a different canister.

“I’m telling you. It’s waste from the power plant,” Greg stated.

“What if you’re wrong?” Josh questioned.

“What do you think it is?” Greg wondered.

“I’m not sure, that’s why I want to find out,” Josh stated.

“Anyone find out how to open these things yet?” Mike shouted.

Nick, a science geek, was just fooling around when he pushed the middle circle of the lid, but it was with that move, he made a startling discovery. The middle circle collapsed into the canister.

“I think I found it.” Nick said shocked. After a small pause, and a loud creek, steam poured out of the canister’s circular wall. When the steam dissipated, the next ring collapsed into the canister. There were a series of clicking and metallic sounds as the dome shaped lid folded itself and collapsed into the wall of the canister. A murky fog came trickling out of the canister. Nick craned his neck into the canister and took a sniff.

“Smells OK.” Nick stated.

The others followed as Nick did and pretty soon, all the canisters were open. Nick, curious, started to journey into the canister.

“Hey this is kind of cool!” Nick shouted from inside the canister.

Nick examined the inside of the canister. It was full of inscriptions like the ones on the outside. The canister, though, was only big enough for him to enter setting on his knees. As he looked, he noticed that some of them were pictures. One of them seemed to enchant him. It appeared so elegant and noble. He suddenly heard a clicking noise coming from deeper inside the canister.

“Guys!” Nick shouted.

Outside, the others were examining their canisters, when they heard a cry for help. Mike was the first to respond when he recognized whose voice it was. He raced over to Nick’s canister, where Aaron was standing on the outside shouting in.

“Nick!” Mike shouted.

Just as the words left his mouth, he knew it was too late. A bright flash consumed the inside of the canister, and a shock wave sent the two flying back. Josh looked over at the canister from his. He heard a clicking sound from inside his, too. He slowly turned his head to peer inside the black canister.

“I have a feeling we should never have opened these canisters.” He spoke to Greg, who was next to him.

Greg smiled at him. Josh looked over just in time to see Greg get sucked into the canister and the same bright flash appear. Josh looked back at his and found himself staring into what was no longer black. An eerie red glow presented itself inside the canister, then two. They appeared to be eyes glaring Josh down. He got up as quick as he could, ignoring the fact that he was the last remaining one to open a canister still moving. He turned around only to be knocked to the ground by what felt to be hard metal.

He turned around to face whatever it was that was about to kill him. He stared the dark creature in the eyes again and was consumed by fear. His vision grew blurry, but he continued to look at the creature. Because of his eyesight going, he couldn’t make out too well what the thing was, but he saw that it was about his height, if not taller. He noticed it reach its arm up and suspend it over his chest.

It was then he realized what the bright flash was. The same blue-ish purple glow suddenly emerged between the two fingered hand and his chest. He felt himself lift off the ground. His head, his neck not being able to support itself, dangled down. He glanced over at the canister Greg got sucked into and noticed another creature with the same exoskeleton emerge from the canister. Seconds later everything went black.

Chapter 4

The life song of the birds chirping outside the window eased the lonely body on the medical bed awake. The sterile room glistened with the dim sun light shining through the cracks in the blinds off to the body’s right. The body was that of a man who had been through a traumatic situation, but nothing more. No scratches were present on his body.

He sat himself up in the bed, and looked around the room. There was a muted TV in the far left corner, playing a show he didn’t recognize. He eased himself out of the bed and headed for the door. His hospital gown flowed behind him as he strode. His eyes had trouble focusing on objects, but he could tell the general area he was walking to. When he approached the door, he heard screaming. He looked through the door, just as four doctors rushed passed him. A couple nurses were following, but about four paces behind them. One of the nurses saw the man standing in the doorway. She ran back to him and spoke to him.

“Josh, is it?” The nurse wondered.

“Yes. What’s…what’s going on?” Josh insisted.

“You better come with us. One of your friends just ran off and was seen heading for the roof,” The nurse explained.

“What’s his name?” Josh wondered, starting to follow the nurse.

“Nicolas... I think.” The nurse replied.

At that moment, Josh hastened his pace, nearly catching up with the doctors. He did, though, by the time they reached the roof, and was the first to burst through the doors. He looked around, but couldn’t see Nick anywhere. He walked up to the edge and peered over, but he still couldn’t see anything.

“This isn’t good. His mom is going to kill me,” Josh whispered to himself.

“Are you talking to yourself or to me?” A voice came from his left, behind a large water tank.

Josh looked over to see Nick sitting on the ledge, dangling his feet over. Josh sighed in relief, but only for a second. He picked up a small pebble, about a centimeter in diameter, and threw it at Nick.

“Hey! What?” Nick inquired.

“You had me worried sick!” Josh shouted.

He looked behind him at the doctors who were staring at him confused.

“It’s OK. He’s right here.” Josh stated, then turned to Nick who was laughing at him, “What?”

“You sounded like my mother there.” Nick stated.

“I don’t care. What are you doing up here? I thought you were afraid of heights?” Josh wondered.

“That’s what I thought, too. But I get up here, and...” Nick paused.

He stood up on the ledge and leaned over a little.

“This is bothering you more then it is me,” Nick finished.

“Yes, it is. Now get over here,” Josh shouted, shielding his eyes.

Nick strolled back over to where Josh was and jumped down onto the roof.

“Doctors, it’s OK. I’m not going to jump. I never will.” Nick noted.

The doctors, after hearing that, retreated back into the hospital. Nick turned around to face Josh, who was leaning against the ledge.

“Have you seen the others?” Nick questioned.

“No. I just woke up when they were running here to get you.” Josh replied.

“Well, they’re doing ok. I checked in on that kid, Greg. He’s doing fine. Apparently, his dad is paying for our visit here at the hospital. One of his men found us on the beach when he was doing his round. They were going to destroy the beach and build a large hotel.” Nick stated.

“Did he see anything else?” Josh wondered.

“Like what? A large mechanical being? Glowing eyes?” Nick joked.

“So you saw it, too.” Josh uttered.

“I saw something. Its image is still bore into my head. Those glowing green eyes…” Nick was cut off.

“Green?” Josh inquired.

“Yes. What color did you see?” Nick wondered.

“Red.” Josh said.

“Red?” Nick paused again, “You don’t think there were two?”

“Or six.” Josh noted.

“Six? What did you see that I didn’t?” Nick asked.

“Everything.” Josh explained.