The Toa Tora are the specially named team of Toa Hagah for Makuta Tritoc. They are lead by Toa Kordet


Members are:

Toa Kordet: Toa of Air

Toa Feordan:Toa of Iron

Toa Sunri:Toa of Water

Toa Vlassk:Toa of Ice

Toa Y'lec:Toa of Fire

Toa Zecker:Toa of Sonics


The Toa Tora were formed alongside most of the other Hagah teams assigned to the Makuta that requested them. However, the Tora were designated differently because Tritoc saw them only as housekeepers and fortress guards. Toa Feordan attempted to protest, but was defeated by a bolt of Shadow. None of the others had anything to say after that.

Recently, Tritoc took off on a mission in his assigned area in the sout of the Southern Continent. He has been gone for over two weeks. The reaction of the Tora vary.


"Tora" is the Matoran word for Watcher.

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