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Comic 9: Balta's Samurai Lesson 1
Title Balta's Samurai Lesson 1 1
Author Toatapio nuva
Comic type A Storyline comic in Toatapio Nuva's Comics
Panels 12

Comic 9, is the ninth comic of the series, Toatapio Nuva's Comics. There Balta gives a lesson to his student in the samurai school. Each have to hit a box as hard as they can. In the end, Pakri's enormous strength brakes the box... and Balta.

External Links

  • Read the comic here.


  • This comic was supposed to be continued with more lessons but it didn't happen
  • This comic is the only thing that makes canonical that Nahi actually joined the Balta's Samurai School at one point. He was only sleeping though and this comic was an exception
  • Nahi is awake in this comic

Preceded by:
Comic 8: Ura's girlfriend Part 1
Toatapio Nuva's Comics
Toatapio Nuva's Comics

Succeeded by:
Comic 10: Meet Kah and Kah
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