Todinsel is an island filled with matoran who used to work for the league of the six kingdoms. Powerful warlords known as Kreigs have risen into power over these menacing matoran.



A freezing cold land set in the eastern side of Todinsel. Krieg-Klop unified the land and has since rebuilt the ko-matoran into intelligent strategist. It is estimated over 10,000 ko-matoran inhabit the small city. Everyday life inlcudes studying, analyzing, observing and battle practice. The army that maes up the Ko-Sel is very strong and tricky.


A humid area which lies above Ko-Sel. Krieg-Polk unified the province and created a network of systems for the Le-Matoran. It is estimated over 5,000 le-matoran inhabit the humid forests of Le-Sel. Everyday life includes building machines and practicing war techniques.


A very hot area which lies beside Le-Sel. Krieg-Sinch Unified the small area and has conquered much of Ga-Sell creating a fine army in the process. It is estimated only 9,000 ta-matoran live here. Everyday life includes Army Recruiting and practice.


A temperate watery city below Ta-Sel. Kreig-Jin unified the inlets of land and created caring minds for the Ga-Sel inhabitants. It is estimated only 500 Ga-Matoran exist here due to the attacks of Ta-Sel. Everyday life includes survival.


An underground city which lies below Po-Sel. Krieg Hiff unified the caverns and undermines much of Po-Sel. It is estimated 20,000 Onu-Maotran live here and the entiure day consists of digging.


A small area above Onu-Sel and to the south of Ga and Ko-Sel. Only 50 more motoran, which are quickly dying are left. Everyday survival includes dying.

Timeline of the Known History

-Great Cataclysm Brakes a hunk of land from a southern continent. -The new island chain begins to drift together forming many rivers throughout the newly created island. -An elite Toa group washes ashore on the island. Each one agrees to go to one region and form it into a suitable area for matoran. Parts of the island are frozen, planted with seeds, dug up, cleared away, and in some places a volcanoe erupts. -The Toa leave and the island develops into a modern island of the former Mata-Nui island. -The matoran from the League of the six kingdoms finds sanctuary here after being rejected from everyone else. -The Krieg arrive and all six takes control of their respective regions. -Each Krieg does magnificent work to the matoran they find.

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