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Element Air
Kanohi Powerless Ghefto
Tools Unknown
Element Air
Powers Elemental Air powers
Kanohi Ghefto
Tools Unknown
Group Toa Malia (formerly)
Element Air
Kanohi Noble Ghefto
Tools Turaga Staff
Status Alive
Location Kehidupan
Pronunciation TOE-MOO

Tomoe was a leader of the Toa Malia, and now resides on Kehidupan.


Tomoe was a Matoran enslaved by the Brotherhood of Makuta, becoming a Toa through the will of Mata Nui. He then formed the Toa Malia with three other newly appointed Toa and some of the enslaved Matoran. He and the group defeated the Brotherhood of Makuta along, with the Toa Neirae and the Order of Mata Nui.

After completing his destiny, Tomoe, along with the other three leaders of the Toa Malia, were transformed into Turaga. He then lived on Kehidupan, believing it was his duty to protect the island.

Personality and traits

Tomoe upheld strongly to the virtue of Duty, not acting outside of his commitments and assignments. He believed that true strength was present when one was following orders as part of their duty. He personally loathed those who did not follow orders to a fine art or commit whole-heartedly to their duty.

Tomoe was known as a pacifist, only taking action in war and fighting when he was ordered to. Even whilst in battle, Tomoe tried his best to use non-combat means to defeat his foes, by either using his mask power or evading them so they bring harm upon themselves.

After becoming a Turaga, Tomoe questioned his duty, deciding that it was duty to protect Kehidupan as best as he could.

Powers and tools

As a Toa, Tomoe was extremely skilled at controlling the element of Air, using his weapon to creating cyclones with ease. He also used his Air powers to amplify his speed and attacks, giving them more force and allowing a larger range.

Tomoe wears the Kanohi Ghefto, the Mask of Harmony. He uses his mask to calm the minds of his foes and make them consider Tomoe as an ally, thus making them reach harmony with him. The mask did not allow Tomoe to enforce harmony on those with a stronger mind than his own.

After Tomoe became a Turaga, he lost a large amount of his elemental powers, as well as having his mask power dampened greatly. Tomoe no longer fighting with melee techniques, instead trying his best to use his mask to end conflicts.


Non-Storyline Appearances

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