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Toudo Preview frame 1
Portrayed by CallanLoF
Gender Male
Element Ice
Kanohi Noble Rau
Occupation(s) Matoran
Status Alive
First Appearance Astray in the Drifts

Toudo is a Ko-Matoran trapper. He is known for being quiet even for a Matoran of Ice.


During the Bohrok Kal incursion, Toudo led Lewa through Ko-Wahi to its border with Onu-Wahi. Frustrated by the antisocial Ko-Matoran - and the blizzard they were journeying through - Lewa used his Miru Nuva in an attempt to scout the horizon, but was thrown about by the blizzard winds. He had accidentally levitated Toudo with him, with greatly annoyed the Ko-Matoran. Toudo was angered by Lewa's thoughtless act, and while Lewa was distracted talking to Kopaka, he abandoned him and ran off into the blizzard.


  • In the original script, Toudo's career as a trapper was going to be mentioned.