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Element Shadow
Powers Elemental Shadow powers, Kraata powers
Kanohi Great Mask of Ideas (formerly), mutated Great Olmak (formerly)
Tools Spear
Makuta: Reborn
Element Shadow
Powers Elemental Shadow powers
Kanohi New Ignika (formerly)
Tools Sword, Zamor launcher
Group Brotherhood of Makuta (formerly), Organization of Darkness (formerly), New Brotherhood of Makuta (formerly), Order of Teridax (formerly), Confederacy of Artidax (formerly)
Occupation Makuta of Nynrah (formerly), Commander of Destral (formerly), partner to Retkina (formerly)
Element Shadow
Powers Elemental Shadow powers, Kraata powers
Kanohi N/A
Tools N/A
Status Deceased
Location Artidax
Pronunciation TRY-dacks


Creating the Shadow Leeches

Sometime between 1,001 and 1 year ago, Tridax and three fellow Makuta, Chirox, Mutran and Ceasame, began experimenting on Kraata. They ultimately engineered the Shadow Leeches, a creature that could sap the light from its victim and transform he or she into a being of shadow. These Shadow Leeches were held in Tridax Pods, which were named after him.

Shadow Takanuva

Soon after the creation of the leeches, Tridax formulated an idea. He took into possession a Kanohi Olmak, which he realized could transport himself to not only within the Matoran Universe, but alternate realities of the universe. Therefore, he captured and brought back the Toa Takanuva of each reality, capturing them in stasis tubes in a sub-basement of Destral's fortress. He then unleashed a Shadow Leech to devour the light of each Takanuva to create an army of Toa of Shadow. He believed that this would also make him the most powerful member of the Makuta after Makuta Teridax completed The Plan. However, this was a rather lengthy process.

Sohka vs. Tridax

While production of Shadow Toa continued, Sohka broke in his lab, and challenged him to a battle. Tridax accepted, because he believed that killing a Toa would give him more power. The fight had lasted for two minutes. During a clash between their swords, Tridax took his advantage and cut Sohka's left arm off. Right when Tridax was about to kill him, Pohatu came to Sohka's rescue. Tridax was knocked out, and Pohatu led Sohka to Ga-Metru. Tridax made a vow that if he ever did see Sohka again, he would kill him. He took Sohka's arm, and destroyed it so that it could be used for energy for him.

Destiny War

Soon after putting this plan to action, eight Makuta left to invade Karda Nui. During their absence, Tridax was put in command of Destral with orders that if attacked, teleport to Metru Nui and seize the city.

Tridax interrogated Vezon, who had arrived during the Order of Mata Nui/Brotherhood War. Tridax was about to execute Vezon when Destral began to shake. He then ignored Vezon to carry out his orders to teleport, although the battle had tore a hole in the wall and caused Vezon to become free of his chains.

Yet instead of carrying out his orders, Tridax went underground to the basement where he held his Shadow Toa army of Toa Takanuva. There, he turned on Vezon and pinned him to the wall with a Shadow blast, revealing his plans to him--unleash the transformed Toa of Shadow on the attacking Order members, and finish the transformation of the rest. Tridax did not have time to finish his monologuing when he noticed his hands had begun disintegrating as the work of two Order members, Mazeka and Tobduk using a armor-disintegrating Virus. The Virus destroyed Tridax's armor leaving him Antidermis. He attempted to use his mental powers in some way, but was then incinerated by Tobduk's staff.

A New Life

Now he has been revived by a Shadow Klakk. He was in Teridax Nui with his other brothers and builded there new labratory. He was attacked by a Glatorian in Bara Magna and his Antidermis floated away from the planet.

Super Makuta

He got a poison in Spherus Magna that made him to a big Antidermis monster called Super Makuta. He was leading the Confederacy of Artidax as they fought against Eritko, Raity and Heehvan. He later got killed by Eritko from an Ultimate Makuta Chain.

Paradox of the Abyssmal:Coming of Calamity

In the timeline leading to The Dark Future, an unknown Dark Hunter had arrived while he was still diminishing antidermis and discovered Tridax had taken his Olmak from each of the other dimensions he visited to arm his army with. The Dark Hunter placed his antidermis in an Exo-Toa and sent him to Bara Magna with one of the Olmaks.

White on white spoiler: He may appear in one of the three story serials for the second story arch of Paradox of the Abyssmal: Coming of Calamity. =>

White on white spoiler: He will appear in Choices, possibly withpower over a key element such as time or life. =>


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