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GroupOrder of Mata Nui
KanohiMask of Charisma
ColorsRed, blue, black, silver
ElementFire,Earth and maybe Water
OccupationMember of the Order of Mata Nui
ToolsShield, Nynrah Ghostblaster
LocationSpherus Magna
StatusUnknown(Possibly Dead.)

Trinuma is an agent for the Order of Mata Nui.


Trinuma is a member of the Order of Mata Nui. He was the one that originally recruited Pyroketox into the Order and saved Heehvan from Raptrix. 

When the Toa Nuva traveled to Daxia with the Staff of Artakha, Trinuma met with them to help them use it to reverse the effects of the Great Cataclysm.

Partnered with Botar, Trinuma traveled to Xia in order to secretly purchase weapons for the Order in their war against the Brotherhood of Makuta. On their way to a rendevous to the Southern Continent, however, they were discovered by Makuta Icarax. Botar was killed in the ensuing fight while Trinuma managed to escape.

During Teridax's reign, Trinuma was one of the few survivors of the Makuta's campaign to destroy the Order of Mata Nui. He later sent Takanuva to New Takiw-Nui to train the Mata Nui Army.

When Teridax was killed, Trinuma, along with everyone in the Matoran Universe, emigrated to the reformed Spherus Magna.

Abilities and traits

Trinuma is nine feet tall and has two horns protruding from his head. Like all agents in the Order of Mata Nui, he has a mental shield against mental assaults He is serious and stern.

Tools and Masks

Trinuma dons a Great Mask of Charisma, which allows targets to see the user's point of view. Trinuma also utilizes a Nynrah Ghostblaster, and is equipped with a shield.