Tunakai nui map
Tunakai Nui
Primary ResidentsMatoran, Turaga, Kuai, Skakdi, Rahi
Former Residentsunknown
PronunciationTOO-nuh-kye NOO-ee

Tunakai Nui is a small northwestern continent. More than half of its land is high desert, but west of its mountain range is greatly inhabited.

Places on Tunakai Nui

  • Kuai Nui: an area inhabited by Kuai.
  • Ahnu Nui: an area inhabited by Matoran who are governed by their wise old Turaga, Ahnu.
  • The Skakdi Territory: an area that belongs to the Skakdi.
  • Kaytriz Lakes of Fire: a lake of both lava and molten protodermis, fed by lava floes from two nearby volcanoes. Iycra chose this place to be her base and had a fortress built on top of it.


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