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The Turaga High Council is an alliance between various Matoran ruling bodies


The Unknown Turaga Saga

Much of the Turaga High Council's history is presently unknown. However, the organization has been active for thousands of years in the Northern Isles, since some time after the Matoran first settled in the Northern Continent.

Their present actions are also something of a mystery. Nothing much has been seen of the Council in the story as of yet.

Broken Order Universe

Following the first conflict between the Brotherhood of Makuta and the Kritor Alliance, a group of major Turaga met to resolve the crisis. In the short term, the council was successful; however, the consequential rivalry and arms race between the Kritors and the Makuta ensured that a later war would be far more devastating than it would've been before. That Turaga convocation would later be viewed by historians as a major step toward the formation of the Turaga High Council following the Kritor/Makuta War.


The Turaga High Council is somewhat based on the United Nations, in that it is a ruling body comprised of representatives from each of its territories. These representatives are either Turaga or Matoran tasked with ruling a region.

The Council is led by an elected leader, or Governor. Politically, the Governor is the most powerful being in the dome. The Governor is always assisted by the present Lord Toa.


The Unknown Turaga Saga

At present, only one member of the Turaga High Council, past or present, is known, and even then he hasn't actually been seen in the series yet.

Broken Order Universe


  • Dlakii has been offered the role of Turaga of Port Spirit on many occasions, but has always refused.

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