The Razor sharp laser blades were Toa Imydrex's toa tools . They were transformed from his crafter tools.

Twin Razor Laser Blades
Imydrex's toa tools
Status In use, one destroyed
User(s) Imydrex
Functionality Fires a laser blast ; alternatively a melee weapon or can combine to form the mega laser blaster

Powers and abilities

The blades are made of protosteel so are often used as a melee weapons. Their secondary function is that they posses a lethal laser atop the blade. The laser has a large range of about 3.5 meters. The twin blades can be merged to create the mega laser blaster. They also return to Imydrex when thrown.

In theory now that one has been destroyed, the mega laser blaster can never agin be formed.

Example usage

In Toa Imydrex's Blog, Imydrex used them to ground all the on coming Mechanical Rahkshi headed into the rusty mask.

Mega razor laser blaster

Mega laser blaster



  • The blades were sometimes called the "Razor sharp laser blades" rather than the Razor laser blades.


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