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Unending Shadows Storyline
I39 Unending Shadows Storyline1
Setting The Fragmented Universe and the Kraverse
Date set 101,000 BGC-1,007 AGC
Media information
Release date January 22, 2014-Present
Writer(s) Invader39
Director(s) Invader39

The Unending Shadows Storyline is a BIONICLE fan-fiction created and written by Invader39. It comprises twelve stories revolving around a plot to free the Dark Shadow, an entity created by the Great Beings to govern over the Matoran Universe. She went rogue and they locked her away in the Asylum, a pocket Universe.

Shadow's End, the main characters of the saga, are sent by the Order of Mata Nui to retrieve the Power Stones, which act as keys to the Asylum. They combat the Legion of Chaos, followers of the Dark Shadow, for the Stones.

It takes place in the Fragmented Universe and the Kraverse. This is the main hub for the story material.


The Makers Of The Stars (2019)

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Before The Morning (2019)

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Fallen Heroes (2018)

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Haunted Origins (2015-2018)

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Echoes In The Past (2018)

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The Arker Chronicles (2014-)

The Arker Chronicles is the first installment of the series to ever be released, starting in January 2014. It is the first stopmotion to be released, but is the second in the series. It was the first story in the storyline to go into production, and was the base for the rest of the series, but many changes have been made since.

Invader39 voices every character in the series, except until the fifth episode where Hero567 joined the cast to voice Skyer and Shadow Skyer. He will not, however, rejoin for Book Two. A female voice actor is being looked at for the female characters in the series.

Obscurity (2014-2017)

Obscurity follows Iyre after he escaped from Shadow's End, living in Ta-Metru and working for MetruTech, a large technology company in Metru Nui. However, when he thought he was in the clear, he is captured by Glonor and taken to Daxia, where the Order is. However, things go downhill from there as the Order begins to tear itself apart from two factions battling within.

Reconstruction (2019)

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Undying Destiny

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We Fall Down

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This is the final story in the saga.

Short Stories

The Study of Insanity

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Elisis's short story.


Short story revolving around Lamos, Urian and Niha.

A Step Out Of Darkness

Wiara's short story.

Ground Zero

Iyre's short story.



Originally, Invader39's story began in 2011 split into three main parts: The Order of Mata Nui, The Order at War and The Order of Heroes. All of these were intended to be stopmotion series'. These all revolved around Orpheus being the main villain and it was Arker's Destiny to stop him.

Many characters in the current incarnation were not in the original, and a few were brought over, most notably Arker, Implex, Skyer, Coltrix, Orpheus, Helryx, Echo and Kinla.

In 2012 the first installment of the story was renamed to The Arker Chronicles, with the intention of it leading into The Order of Heroes and then a final installment. Nine episodes of the original The Arker Chronicles were filmed but without a script, and the entire story was scrapped before being made into the current incarnation.


In 2013 The Arker Chronicles would be revived with the writing and filming of a "Prologue" in April 2013, with the writing and filming of the rest of the first season taking place during the rest of the year and concluding in January 2014.

On November 28, 2013, Invader39 would go onto join the wiki and beginning to promote the series. He would also launch the first version of Fallen Heroes and Obscurity, both of which would go through extensive rewrites.

The first episode of The Arker Chronicles would launch on January 22nd, 2014, marking the official start of the saga.

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In January 2017 the long-running story Obscurity would reach its conclusion after three years of on-and-off releases.

In July it was decided that Echoes In The Past would be converted into a comic story to make it easier to produce than a stopmotion miniseries, as which it was originally intended.

In September the side story Reconstruction became the eighth installment in the series and the Master of the Elements trilogy was scrapped.

On October 1, writing of The Arker Chronicles was completed which allowed work on the final installments in the saga to begin.

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