Toa of Darkness
Unidentified Toa (Zmanwarrior)
SpeciesClassified as a Toa
GroupThe New Order
ColorsBlack, Silver
OccupationLieutenant to Makuta Sharoq
ToolsVarious weapons made of solid shadow
StatusOverseeing the demolition of Destral

A character from the Bleak Timeline. The Toa of Darkness is a being who can manipulate the element of shadow to a far greater extent than any other creature. Even a Makuta. He is responsible for the destruction of the original Brotherhood of the Makuta, and their leader; Teridax. He is currently the Lieutenant, and right-hand-man to Sharoq.


Not much is known about where the Toa of Darkness came from. His name, and original form are unknown. It isn't even known whether or not his life was started as Toa, or Matoran. The first reported sighting of him was by a Rahkshi, just outside of Destral.

Assault on Destral

Shortly after he was first sighted, he led an assault on the fortress. He commanded an army of Zyglak, Vahki, and Bohrok outnumbering the Makuta three-to-one. He entered the fortress alone, and defeated Makuta Teridax single-handedly with his superior shadow manipulative abilities. His reasons for the attack are unknown. It's only known that on that day, the first Brotherhood of Makuta fell.

Service under Sharoq

Afterwards, the Toa of Darkness caught wind of the rumor that a powerful being resembling Teridax was wandering the lands. He personally tracked down the being, who turned out to be Sharoq; a Great Being who had possessed Teridax's armor. Curiousely, rather than take down this new player, the Toa of Darkness stepped down from his rule over Destral and gave it to Sharoq. Afterwards Sharoq, and the reinstated Brotherhood of the Makuta took down the "Old Order," eliminating Tobduk, and gaining power over the lands. The Toa of Darkness was given a seat at the right hand of Sharoq, becoming his lieutenant, and right-hand-man. Recently he's been sent to Destral to oversee the demolition of the fortress he had once laid siege on.

Powers and Abilities

The Toa of Darkness has the ability to manipulate shadows at a level unseen before. He can meld into the shadows and use them as transportation, hopping from one shadow to another. He can also form solid objects out of pure shadow. He prefers to use weapons that he has created out of shadow, choosing his own creations over state-of-the-art weaponry. He also has strength on-par with that of the late Onua, and speed rivaling that of the late Pohatu.

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