"Unidentified Toa of Sound" is not an official name
It may have been referenced in the storyline as such, but has not been officially named. Alternatively, it may be a name popular among fans, but without an official basis.

The Shadowed One
"What reason do I have to live for, anyway? My destiny has been taken by my best friend!"
―Toa of Sound about Toa of the Toa's fate
Unidentified Toa of Sound
KanohiMask of Music
ColorsGreen, Silver, Red
ElementSound and Sonics

Toa of Sound is a powerful Toa.


Long ago, Toa of Sound was a Toa of a Toa team in an unknown land. During one adventure he had to leave the land in order to save the Matoran and his fellow Toa from a certain death. He never got back to his homeland.

Toa of Sound started travelling and met with the legendary Toa of the Toa. They became best friends and started travelling together.

One day a Matoran with evil plans, known as The Claw, who had learnt the sacred power of Power Transfer challenged Toa of the Toa and drained his powers, making himself a powerdul monster. He left. Toa of the Toa was a Matoran now. Toa of Sound vowed to help Toa of the Toa in learning the Power Transfer skill too. After that they would track down The Claw and take back his friends energies.

After many years, Toa of the Toa learnt the Power Transfer skill and tracked The Claw to Bio-Land. They later met Tapio and his friends and joined them and promised to help them. They found The Claw with their help and Toa of the Toa used the skill that he had learnt and got his powers back.

After that Toa of Sound and his friend went with Tapio and his friends. But during War of the Clones, Toa of the TOa was killed when he destroyed the Cloning Machine. Toa of Sound got sad and had to challenge Inwirn's Guard Robot on a cliff. He managed to destroy it by dropping it down, not knowing that it crushed Henkka and Tapio. In Invasion of Spiders of Doom he helped the Rahaga and Henkka and Tapio in saving Bio-Land. After it he went on a mission to find his original Toa team.

He searched for his original team and home for a long time. but it's unknown if he ever found them. Also, it is not known if he joined the Great Migration or not and therefore his status remains completely a mystery.

Abilities and Traits

Toa of Sound has the ability to control sound and sonics. He's wise and never uses his powers without a reason.

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