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Universe at War is a series by KylerNuva. It tells the story of an alternate universe that has been invaded by a massive faction known as the "Axis of Terror", while a group of Toa that were destined to stop the Axis's era of domination over their world, as they'd form a strong resistance army (consisted of many other species prior to the Matoran/Toa species) to counterattack the Axis, thus beginning a univeral war in their universe.


  • Captive
  • The Mission Begins
  • The Struggle to Survive
  • Desperate Situations


  • Katrix/Shadow Katrix
  • Galyku
  • Snovaro
  • Letrun
  • Sekrox (Decreased)
  • Flaronn
  • "Toa" Fearack
  • Klorvak
  • Grovog
  • Dukos (Decreased)
  • Tazzuk (Not Alternate)
  • Yaildo (In flashback, decreased)
  • Several Fear Fighters
  • Assassinator Android

Known Characters

  • Takatu
  • Light Tazzuk

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