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Gringat, my Self-MOC, as Airlord of Korrothis

Having only just come to the Custom Bionicle Wiki, I have virtually no pages or links set up here yet, but that will soon change, God willing.

I am Gringat, which is also the name of my self-MOC, Lord Gringat, who is the main character in the first storyline I made. I am a moderately well-known storywriter and Bio-MOCer on MOCpages (under the name "Gringat The Repugnant"), and an amateur stop-motion animator on YouTube as well (under the name "Greeblimus"). I have won a handful of contests on both sites.

As I am just starting here, I would greatly appreciate any hints and tips about Wiki writing from the rest of you guys.

My Storylines are listed below. Many of them stem from the BRC, a roleplay group on MOCpages which I co-administrate with The Abyss, a friend of mine. Another group named the "Isle of Thorns", run by me, governs the storyline of the Isle of Thorns. As such, I share a few of these storylines with other people whose own characters are part of the story, too.

Tempesta Celestis

Bara Magna

Matoran Universe

Spherus Magna

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