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December 27, 2012
  • I live in Somewhere in Texas
  • My occupation is Bionicle Fan
  • I am Male

Welcome to the page of Jahoan17, but you m.ay call me J17, 17, or Jahoan.

About Me

  • I joined the Custom BIONICLE Wiki on Dec 27, 2012, but I had been here before that.
  • My first BIONICLE sets were Toa Metru Nokama, Whenua, and Nuju, and four of the Vahki.
  • I am an avid fan of Doctor Who(who isn't), Star Wars, Star Trek(but not as much), and Lego.
  • I am great at drawing(especially when it comes to BIONICLE)
  • I plan my stories ahead most of the time
  • I prefer typing to writing with pencil/pen
  • My least favorite mask is the Calix(for its appearance)
  • My favorite villains are the Rahkshi, Makuta, Visorak, Piraka, Barraki, and Skrall.(I find the Bohrak/Bohrak Kal as more 'just against the heroes most of the time'.)
  • I have limited MOCing ability when it comes to anything with an Av-Matoran build, due to a lack of un-broken parts.
  • I love animals
  • My first MOC was an Exo-suit for a tiny, Rahaga-like creature, then it was a miscolored, un-named Toa of plasma.
  • My favorite movies are: All the BIONICLE films, and countless others.

My main MOCs




My Favorite writers on this Wiki


Valentin 98


Vorred(For his comics)

Toa Hydros(For his youtube series)



-- Jahoan17


Jahoan17 writes trivia/notes in third person, similar to BobTheDoctor27

Jahoan17's self MOC is Jahoan

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Jahoan17 is a Child of Teridax
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Jahoan17 is a child of Teridax. That means he/she is evilly awesome!

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