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February 10, 2011

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PLEASE NOTE: As of Spring 2014, I am fully retired, departed, dead, and gone. The end. If you really, really need me, look me up on BZPower, under the name 'Shadowhawk'. Thank you.

S'up, folks? This is Toa Roden, a semi-retired CBW rollbacker, aspiring professional sci-fi/fantasy writer, and general all-around nice guy. You may call me Roden, for short. Or Lightfoot; that also is suitable. :D


Fan Fiction Library

First and foremost, as regards my doings hereabouts, I'm a writer. That's my specialty, and my fav occupation.

As follows is a complete list of my written works (i.e. 'stories') here on the wiki. Some of the earliest ones, my very first attempts at wordcraft, are pretty pathetic, but a few of the more recent ones are pretty darn good. Even if I do say so myself.

They're arranged in roughly chronological order, so the farther down the list you go, da better dey do get.


These are groups that I belong to. I am not outstandingly active in any of them, and usually join just so's I can add a template to my userpage. :D (Well, with the exception of the NRC.)

* * *
Toa Roden is a Recruiter of That Devious Club
* * *
Toa Roden is awesome, and can recruit n00bs new users to That Devious Club.
* * *
Toa Roden was a member of BIONICLE FTW!!
* * *
Toa Roden was a swell guy.

Toa Roden is a member of The Skakdi Synidicate
Toa Roden is a member of this organized crime syndicate, and is working hard to improve low-quality wiki pages, whilst being evil and power hungry at the same time

* * *
Toa Roden is a Child of Teridax
* * *
Toa Roden is a child of Teridax. That means he/she is evilly awesome!

And I am also a member of the NRC (Nightwatcher's Review Club), but they don't have a template for me to put on my userpage.


These are awards that I have been given.

"You are officially named Smrt by Niha, Inc. Congratz!!"
BionicleKid [src]

Toa Roden Has received the Award for Services to CBW!!
You have been awarded this certificate by PepsiCola99 for your services to the wiki. Whether you fought vandalism, fixed a major problem, or simply helped those in need, your services have been recognized. Keep up the servitude good work!

This Story is CARL Approved!
You have been awarded the Awesome Story by Crp11! This award means that you have shown excellence in writing one or more of your stories and should be awarded for your excellence, please take this award and keep up the good work (or else Carl the Xenomorph will find you...).

My Award Database

These are awards that I made and can award people with.

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