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1314882461m DISPLAY
Species Turian
  • Bionicle MoCist
  • Comic Creator
Element Technic
  • Laptop
  • Editing tools
  • Camera
  • Plastic pieces
Location Germany
Status Active
Favourite Bionicle Onepu
Favoutie TV series Breaking Bad, Simpsons
Favourite Bands Saltatio Mortis, In Extremo, Tobuscus, Two Steps From Hell, Die Ärzte, Falco, Rammstein
Favourite Books/Series Die Zwerge (The Dwarves), Das Geheimnis von Askir (The Secret of Askir), Die Götterkriege (The God Wars)
Pronunciation WOR-ed

My Story

I'm currently writing on a big story project. There are three main story parts, and all of them will be presented as a comic. All characters seen in that Story will evolve during the chapters, so not only their character, but also their build will improve.

There will also be some short stories which will take place to tell some background plot that haven't been shown i the comic itself.

The first comic part is already started being uploaded, it's called Uprising.


Here are the groups I'm a member in:

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Vorred is a member of That Devious Club
* * *
Vorred is a slave follower foot soldier member of That Devious Club. That means they're pretty cool.

Other Stuff

I joined the CBW at the 9th June, but started uploading stuff much more later. Since I'm not known here, here are special thanks to BobTheDoctor27 for helping me and making articles which inspired me!

See Also

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