So, I said I would have some stuff coming this weekend, and I wasn't lying. It's not quite as much as I had hoped for, but regardless, this should help stir up a little anticipation for my new story project. 

However, I digress. A solid chunk of why I intended to upload this blog post was to unveil some new MOCs... unfortunately, said new MOCs are either unfinished or unable to be built at the moment for a reason I'll get into in a moment. First off, I'd like to make it known that I am showing off 2 MOCs today, but they are more revamps of old creations that I've completely reworked the story and design of. The reason I was unable to finish the new MOCs is simply that I don't have some a lot of the parts I need. However, I should be getting ahold of some new parts to complete those in the near future.

My apologies if I appear to be rambling; I'm attempting to convey all that I need to with this post in the best manner possible. Now, ON TO THE MOCS!


One of my personal favorite creations was in a dire situation, with my last design being well below what I consider adequate. This one comes with a new backstory, abilities, etc. which I will give some glimpses into throughout this post (Some stuff I'm keeping under wraps until I begin to upload my redesigned story.)

Telrax Promo 1
You may notice that the image is relatively blacked-out... I realized whilst editing them that I had some stuff in the background I wanted to keep under wraps for a little while. Apologies for the shoddy cover up, but I wanted to get these pictures/previews uploaded. For the rest of them, there's just a simple wall/door background. Not to make too many excuses, but I don't really have any dedicated photo area at the moment; however, that should be rectified soon.

IMG 0349
My intention is to completely reboot my storyline, and in doing so make it far superior to what it was. That means a lot of the characters will be redesigned in both physical design and backstory, but I think it is for the best. While it is more complex than a standard Bionicle model. I kept it simple for the reason: at this point, he is just a Toa. 

These are just a couple of teaser shots, whereas I'll be taking some far better ones for the character page soon. (Perhaps Wednesday, but we'll see.) Until then, I intend to work on fixing a lot of the pages I have for characters.


Well, maybe still called Selexa. I dunno, the name just doesn't really click with me anymore. Regardless, I may stick with it unless I come up with (or someone suggests) a better alternative (this is your cue to offer suggestions in the replies). Either way, I am moderately happy with the way this revamp turned out. I'll probably add to her and Telrax's designs a little bit when I get those new parts. 

IMG 0348
Again, I tried to keep things simpler since she is just a Toa at this point in time, at least until I have enough parts to fully revamp the body design and alter a bunch of stuff (which is the overall plan). 
IMG 0328
So, with any luck, I'll be able to add and modify a bunch of stuff on the current stuff I have built. I'll be completely honest, this version of Selexa only has some slight differences from my 2014 version of her, which is why I intend to revamp her a lot further when I have enough parts (at least, enough of the 'style' I'm going for).

For now, that's the preview of the MOCs. However, I intend to share some more information in this blog post. As I am returning to active membership from my hiatus, I am completely rebooting my story as I had mentioned previously. As of right now, I intend to keep the name (I still kind of like 'The Reflections Saga', at least for the first Saga I have planned), but I am going to rewrite whatever I had posted here into a completely different storyline. With what I have planned, I think everyone on the wiki will enjoy it (both due to the far better planning and story this time around and also because I'm a much better writer this time around).

Regardless of my intentions to reboot the saga, I also intend to collaborate with as many old and new faces on this site as I can. I know FireStar and Gonel both said they'd be down to work on something, so things are looking up for my return. For now, I suppose I'm gonna go fix my not-so-great pages. Until I write another blog post tomorrow, I hope, I wish you all a good day!

P.S. I'm always up for working with other people on this site, so if you'd like to work with me or need assistance with anything, I'm down. Just leave a post on my Talk Page!

Story Promo (Question Mark)

Ace the Master 01:32, September 26, 2016 (UTC)

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