Alright, I've finally given in. After seeing the great popularity of Rahkshi MOCing (Both here on this wiki, and beyond) i've decided to make my own Rahkshi. This one is intended to be a Mechanical Rahkshi of Molecular Disruption. Personally, I'm not sure if this one will be a big success with you guys. Rahkshi MOCing isn't my specialty. And yes, i know, he is indeed a bit skinny. But I did try, and I'm satisfied with the results. Here are pictures below.

So yeah, leave your opinions, reviews, and comments below. The specific Rahkshi in the pictures above will be an ancient, wizened, and battle-hardened Mechnaical Rahkshi from an alternate universe (I'm not sure which one. As there are two universes where they are featured most prominently), who may appear in Journeys of Darkness living on the prime reality's Spherus Magna as something of a hermit. He will have his own unique, individual name, like the Heat Vision Mechanical Rahkshi Zirahk does. He'll be called Rernahk. As I mentioned, he's still a work in progress, so I won't completely grantee anything at this stage. So yeah, leave your thoughts and reviews below.

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