Well, I've been here for two long years. It's been nice.

Firstly, I must say that I haven't done much. I've made only a few hundred edits. And 10 or so pages. 1 short story... 2 MOC Blogs... adopted a page... and, let's see... not much else. Yeah.

But the community here is incredible. I've never been some place where people actually love BIONICLE as much as you all do. Everyone one here is kind and works hard to be that way. There are some really great creations on here too, this is really a place for artists to come, and if I may say so, impress everyone. And not just artists who draw, I mean all sorts, like writers, and poets, and MOCers, and even programmers (I guess, I mean, I've seen some cool wikitext out there). It's been really great to be a part of this community over the last years.

Also, I watched Young Justice se.2 last spring, and Attack on Titan, and SOA, also last spring (the gateway shows for anime -I still haven't seen RWBY- don't kill me), and visited Turkey (I live in the US, so, that's worth something), and went on two missions trips. And started high school, oh yeah. That might have been the hardest.

All of you have been very supportive, I must say, and I owe a lot to all of you for inspiration and assistance when I needed it most, but I would like to thank a few people in particular:

So, in conclusion, this is a great place to be. You are all great people. There's always the chance I might actually do something, so... oh well. Thank you, friends.

 LalajujuniniHard to pronounce! 

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