Hello everyone. For those of you who may be new here, I'm Mercatorprojection, or Diablex for some.

I may or may not have said this before, but I'm never around during summers. This is due to me not having a computer of my own, and me being busy with other subjects. Because this will be my last year of high school, I wish to make a lasting impact on the wiki.

My Story/Universe

Now, as some of you may have already seen, I've released the Prologue and first chapter. What did you think of it? Any suggestions? Feedback would be much appreciated.

I wish to write a detailed AU for G2. This includes writing backstories for characters before they came to the planet, naming said planets they came from, and explaining just how this entire universe got started. I've already started off with the creator, Kaihanga, as well as two planets and two characters. However, I still need to…

  1. Write out how these planets got colonized.
  2. Describe they're governments.
  3. Write how they're connected.
  4. write out backstories for characters, and create more.
  5. Finish one or two storylines.
  6. And have a moc contest.

…Hopefully I can get that all done before the end of the school year! I really, really want to have mocs made for the characters, but with a lack of useful pieces—not to mention a camera—it's out of my reach right now…

My "Initiative"

I also plan to make a lasting impact by killing the crossover ban! I plan to do a complete overhaul of the rules; it will still use the basic layout of the last attempt, but with a few major edits that will make it more newcomer-friendly.

The reason? Well, considering all the great stories here, is it really right to ban crossovers? I mean, granted, some of them can be lame. But should we really just ban them simply because we don't like them? Not every story is going to appeal to everyone, so just banning them is an injustice to the wiki as a whole. This is why I wish to edit the proposal to make it how it should be.

That's all folks! Please leave a comment of how the story is going so far!

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