Hey everybody! I've been getting into the Wiki and am currently writing my first story, The Labyrinth(not based off of the movie with David Bowie), about Okotans going to the Labyrinth of Control after the end of the events of Journey to One. I have created an important character in the story, Hydraxon, based off of the G1 jailer with justice that kills. I have given some description for Hydraxon and you can visit his page for more info. Anyway, I will be holding a MOC Contest for creating him. It must, at least vaguely, follow his description. You should also include descriptions for any additional weapons or traits the MOC has. Whether it looks like the G1 Hydraxon is up to personal preference.

  • First place: Your MOC will become the "official" G2 Hydraxon and the story will feature descriptions of him in accordance with your MOC. You will also be put as a contributor on all stories he is featured in and his page.You will also be given an award on your profile page.
  • Second and Third place: Your MOC will be put at the bottom of his page as an alternate interpretation. You will also win bragging rights and a lil' award on your profile page. Second Place's MOC will be featured as a depiction of Hydraxon on a stone tablet in The Great Sea .

Thanks for co-operation! I expect to see the great MOCers of this community to be doing some great stuff.

Update: I have developed a system for grading your MOCs. They will be graded on three points: Aesthetic(looks), Build, and Concept(the weapon ideas, closeness to description, etc). Each will be worth ten points in total. 

Robby The Redshirt (talk) 06:13, March 24, 2017 (UTC)RTR

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