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The Va-Matoran were the inhabitants of Vamak-Nui. Due to the island's harsh conditions, they had adapted over time to be able to survive best. Their elemental affiliation is uknown, but none of them are able to access elemental powers.

Element Unknown
Powers None, except in rare cases
Tools Variable
Status Existing
Location Vamak-Nui


Va-Matoran were distinguished from ordinary Matoran in a number of ways. Though their primary color was always silver, they could have any other color as a secondary. Their most notable physical trait was the ability to activate their Kanohi powers, an adaptation inherent to their kind that nonetheless required training to successfully activate. They were physically more capable than normal Matoran, though since none of their kind ever encountered an ordinary Matoran, it is uncertain to what extent. Their elemental affiliation was a mystery, even to them; one of their legends told a tale of how the first of their kind renounced their elemental power, and were exiled to Vamak-Nui as punishment.

Known Va-Matoran

The Toa Va (formerly)



The names of their masks are their own name spelt backwards. This was done because Va-Matoran would receive their masks before learning how to actually use them.

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