Vahi Makuta is the Makuta version of the Vahi.
Vahi Makuta
GroupOrganization of Darkness
ColorsBlack, orange
PronunciationVah-ee Ma-koo-a


It is unknown how Vahi Makuta was created.

At one point, Vahi Makuta teamed up with Toron and other Makuta's to ambush a group of Toa's. Vahi was about to strike Toa Kaller, but she kicked him down. Later on, Vahi Makuta and the other Makuta's retreated when the Teraza's Order team arrived.

After they retreated, a being gave the Makuta team the Olmak, mask of Dimensional Gates. They then started to create robots to outnumber Takuru and his team. The Makuta were ambushed by Takuru, Korano and the other Toa and Order of Mata Nui members, however.

Abilities and Traits

Vahi Makuta can create, control and absorb Shadow, produce Kraata, shape-shift and +40 Rahkshi powers.

Mask and Tool

The Kanohi Vahi, Mask of Time. It allows him to speed up, slow down, or even freeze time. He's one of the only known being to know how to work the Vahi without loosing control of it. He also pocesses claws.


  • Vahi Makuta was created by Youtuber toamagmare28 (A.K.A., JetFire28).
  • Vahi Makuta is one of the Makuta who works with Toron.
  • Originally, JetFire28 was going to make a Bionicle movie known as "Bionicle Darkness." Where Vahi Makuta would've served Hades and fight Toa Magmare, but this series movie has been canceled, along with the story idea.


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