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Group Turaga of Mata Nui (formerly), Turaga of Metru Nui (formerly), Toa Metru/Hordika (formerly)
Occupation Turaga of Fire
Element Fire
Kanohi Noble Huna
Tools Firestaff
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation vah-KAH-mah
"And something else ... our destinies are not written in stone, set in place. They are something we have to find for ourselves."
―Vakama, Web of Shadows
 Vakama was a Ta-Matoran Mask-Maker, the Toa Metru of Fire, briefly Toa Hordika of Fire, and currently a Turaga of Fire.



Beginning his carreer in Mask-Making as an apprentice of Nuhrii, Vakama was soon considered to be Metru Nui's greatest Mask-Maker. By doing this, he surpassed his mentor and obtained his own forge, with Fire Drone assistants to help. As a result, Nuhrii became jealous of Vakama and sought to find ways to overshadow his former pupil's work.

Vakama was later given a surprise assignment by Turaga Dume, who commissioned him to craft the legendary Mask of Time, the Kanohi Vahi.

Unable to find suitable disks, Vakama deduced that one would need the fabled Great Disks to complete the mask proper. Unable to search for them, Vakama continued using substitute disks, with unsuccessful results.

Vakama was later visited by Toa Lhikan, who gave him a Toa Stone before being attacked by two Dark Hunters; Nidhiki and Krekka. While Lhikan was busy defeating Krekka, Nidhiki held Vakama captive over molten lava. Lhikan did so, but managed to save Vakama by letting his lavaboard glide under the Matoran as Nidhiki dropped him, safely whisking him away from the scene. With the Toa of Fire captured, Vakama held himself responsible.

Inspecting the Toa Stone, Vakama discovered a map to the Great Temple in Ga-Metru, to where he traveled. There, he discovered five other Matoran with similar stones: Nokama, Matau, Onewa, Nuju, and Whenua. Introducing themselves, the Matoran then placed their stones in a nearby Suva, which transformed them into Toa Metru.

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Alternate Versions

Valca Nui

Traveling with the other Turaga of Metru Nui to a remote cave, Vakama and the others found themselves falling into a pool of lava. However, it was in fact a pool of mutagen, which transformed the Turaga back into Toa, known as Toa Valca this time. They later encountered an odd beast named Omaru, who led them to a Matoran village. There, the inhabitants revealed that the first Toa and their guardian Teria had been captured by mutated De-Matoran and held in a volcano. If they didn't hurry, the volcano and island would erupt, killing all.

The Toa Valca are currently on the Valca Plains to rescue the first Toa, guided by Matoran from the village.

Dark War

When the Dark War broke out, Vakama aided in the reconstruction of Ta-Metru. He was later transformed into a Toa by Toa Lhikan. With the Dark War raging around him, Vakama became a soldier all the while leading the Toa Metru against the Dark Hunters.

Pirates Universe

After the Great Flood, Vakama reforged himself into a daring Pirate captain in order to combat the new world and find the scattered Matoran Spheres.

Abilities and Traits

Vakama greatly enjoyed his profession of mask making and excelled at it.

When Vakama became a Toa Metru, he was not always certain he was ready for the role of a hero. At times he missed his old life in the foundries, crafting masks for others to wear. His insecurities led to others mocking him, further increasing his sense of self-doubt. After defeating Makuta Teridax and developing as a Toa, Vakama overcame his own doubts and fears, gaining an arrogance that resulted in their capture by the Visorak. While a Toa Hordika, Vakama struggled with the animalistic impulses that plagued him. His bestial nature along with a sense of failing responsibility and guilt of the fate of his friends caused him to defect and join the Visorak army, though a fight with Matau rekindled his bonds of friendship. When he went back to being a Toa Metru, Vakama finally managed to balance his ego and used his solidified personality in a confrontation with Teridax.

After becoming a Turaga, his past experiences gave him the wisdom needed to lead his village on Mata Nui, and he was known for his kind, encouraging words.

Vakama has always been plagued by visions of the future, an ability he kept hidden from others as he viewed them as unnatural. However, the visions were instrumental in the Toa Metru's quest to save the city.

As a Toa of Fire, Vakama could create, control, and absorb heat and flame. When he became a Toa Hordika, these abilities were reduced to being channeled through a Rhotuka Launcher, though he regained them after being cured. After becoming a Turaga, these abilities were greatly reduced, and he is limited to using Noble Kanohi.


  • Vakama helped install telescopic lens onto Nuju's mask.

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