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"Things change, Nokama. Just like this world did. I've had time to think. Time to reevaluate and I've decided to actually DO something."
Pirates: The Regathering

Once renowned as the greatest Mask-Maker of Metru Nui (though his former mentor would say otherwise), Vakama was thrust into the life of a Toa Metru of Fire and charged with a destiny to fulfill. Unfortunately, his duty was hindered by one crucial thing: his inability to believe in himself. Unconfident in his ability to lead his team, bumps on the road turned into great mountains to climb. Soon, the pressure reached its peak with the coming of the Great Flood, further spiraling the Toa of Fire into a pit deeper than the one he had dug for himself before. Now with a new world to face and a job to continue, Vakama reinvents himself, becoming the Toa-hero turned dread Toa-pirate dubbed the "Maskbreaker".

He's become kind of a jerk.




Ta-Matoran don't believe in good lighting at work-stations.

Vakama was the apprentice of renowned Kanohi Mask-Maker Nuhrii. Soon, Vakama surpassed his mentor and gained a reputation as one of Ta-Metru's and Metru-Nui's greatest mask-makers, much to his former mentor's envy.

During the Matoran Civil War, Vakama stayed out of the fighting, remaining in his craft. Though, he provided spare Kanohi for soldiers on both sides. Most notably, he repaired Nuju's mask while also installing a telescopic lens at the Scholar's request.

Later, Turaga Dume assigned Vakama the task of forging the Kanohi Vahi, the Legendary Mask of Time. In spite of the near-impossibility of the assignment, Vakama accepted the challenge and worked on its creation in his spare time.

While searching for the correct Kanoka disks to create the mask for the Turaga, Toa Lhikan, the sole guardian of Metru-Nui, came to Vakama. The Toa of Fire gave him a Toa Stone in desperation right before the Dark Hunters Nhidiki and Krekka arrived to capture Lhikan. Vakama was spirited away to safety in time and escaped the Dark Hunters, who took Lhikan into their custody. Believing that he distracted the Toa too much in the struggle, Vakama blamed himself for the incident.

Later, Vakama went to the Great Temple with the Toa Stone and encountered five other Matoran, each from different Metru. Their names were Nokama , Matau, Onewa, Nuju (whom he didn't recognize), and Whenua. After introductions, the six Matoran inserted their Toa Stones into the Temple's Suva, which transformed them into Toa.

Toa Metru

Hunt for the Great Disks

Almost immediately after becoming a Toa, Vakama experienced a vision in which he saw Metru Nui in ruins. In a series of flashes, the Toa glimpsed the Morbuzahk plant that had been plaguing Metru Nui recently and its defeat at the hands of the legendary Great Disks. Interpreting this as meaning that the plantlife would be the cause of the destruction with only the Disks to be able to stop it, Vakama told the others of his vision.

However, the other Toa were skeptical of the authenticity of the claim, coupled with Turaga Dume's recent public announcements of the Morbuzahk's threat being pushed back. Nokama was the only one who supported Vakama's plea and helped him convince the others to search for the Great Disks in their respective Metru. Deciphering clues from carvings on the Great Temple walls, the Toa split up to begin their search.

Following the Great Disk of Fire's clue of "Embrace the root of Fire in Ta-Metru", Vakama decided to search deep within the foundries of Ta-Metru. He overheard several Ta-Matoran speaking about Nuhrii and his discovery of an odd Kanoka Disk that he believed would allow him to craft the ultimate Kanohi. But the Toa's former mentor tossed the object into the Protodermis Reclaimation Center after failing to reshape it. Heading for the Center, the Toa of Fire encountered more and more sentient vines sabotaging various machinery. Vakama's efforts in thwarting these resulted in him ending up in the Protodermis Reclaimation Center, where he managed to find the Great Disk of Fire before being strung and tied up by various Morbuzahk vines with his objective in hand.

Using his power over Fire, Vakama managed to free himself by burning the vines. The pain inflicted on the Morbuzahk caused an earthquake in Ta-Metru, causing foundational damage. Realizing that the Morbuzahk roots were under Ta-Metru itself, Vakama raced back to the Great Temple to rejoin the other Toa, who had also retrieved their respective Great Disks. While still skeptical at the danger presented by the Morbuzahk, Vakama managed to persuade his teammates to journey into the Great Furnace to defeat the plant.

There, the Toa battled the Morbuzahk's king root, which was feeding off of the Great Furnace's energies. After a grueling fight, the Toa managed to use the combined energies of the Great Disks to sever the king root from its branches and destroy the plant once and for all by burning it with the Furnace's intense flames. Exhausted but filled with pride by their achievement, the Toa rejoiced and Matau proclaimed themselves to be "Toa Metru," which the others took a liking to.

Search For Lhikan

The Toa Metru made their way to the Coliseum, hoping to be officially recognized by Turaga Dume as the City of Legends’ new guardians. Dume recognized Vakama, and his humored reaction left a bad and suspicious taste in Vakama’s mouth. Despite the effort they went through to retrieve them, Dume dismissed their presentation of the Great Disks. When met with reports of their fight with the Morbuzahk, Dume also dismissed their efforts as an easy victory due to the plant’s growing weakness. Instead of word of mouth, Dume ordered that the Toa Metru prove themselves with a quick run through an obstacle course.

The Toa’s brief moment of brotherhood quickly fell apart as they, with a minor exception on Nokama’s part, turned against Vakama and his visions. Much to the Toa Metru’s horror, their battle with the Morbuzahk had exponentially drained them of Elemental Energy, meaning they wouldn’t be to access their Elemental Powers. The team opted instead to rely on their physical prowess and Kanohi. Unfortunately, their exhaustion and lack of knowledge on using their masks caused them to fail the course miserably.

Dume declared them impostors and ordered Vahki to apprehend them. Onewa, Whenua, and Nuju were captured while Vakama, Matau and Nokama managed to flee via a Chute Station.

Vakama, Matau and Nokama wound up in Ko-Metru, where they hid out for a moment to recover. Studying the Great Disks, Vakama discovered that he could fuse them into a single Disk, and began theorizing if he could craft the Vahi with them. It was also here that Vakama, remembering Nuju’s theories on stars and Toa spirits, noticed a bright star in the sky. This convinced Vakama that Lhikan is still alive, and formed a new objective of finding his predecessor. The three Toa hitched a ride on a Vahki Transport and began their new quest.

On board the Transport, Vakama came across its cargo: strange empty spheres. Touching them incited yet another vision, terrifying Vakama when it showed him a comatose Matoran within such an object. The Toa of Fire attempted to ease himself by continuing to craft the Vahi, an action that is pointed out to him as pointless considering his current status as a Toa and a wanted fugitive.

Vakama wasn't eased.

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The Great Flood

At that moment however, a large-scale Earthquake struck the universe. Just as the other Toa Metru were nearing the Great Barrier, the structure cracked, and large amounts of water came rushing in. The waters flooded the majority of the world and washed away most if not all of the Matoran Spheres, scattering them everywhere.

Vakama was forced to leave Lhikan's body (but took his mask) to join the other Toa Metru in getting to safety.

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The Regathering


"When they come for me, I'll be gone..."

Vakama infiltrated Nektann's stronghold, where he retrieved his confiscated equipment and the Lhikan. During this, he also took documents of his teammates' locations and other information.

Vakama then went to a volcanic island where the Skakdi Kingdom had taken control over a Ta-Matoran town that was situated within the inactive volcano. There, he found Nuju and Nokama, imprisoned in cages that hung over the lake of lava that the town surrounded. After retrieving their respective Toa Tools and Nuju's mask, Vakama freed the two. However, a Skakdi guard came across the rescue and went to sound a nearby alarm. On cue, the reunited Toa fled.

The trio managed to barely escape the volcano, only to be confronted by a large contigent of guards outside. Vakama and Nuju worked to hold off the majority of the group while Nokama brought the Lhikan to shore. However, the Toa of Water was confronted by three Skakdi, and the resulting attack from Nokama led to Nuju's accidental maiming by loss of his right eye. With Nuju down, Vakama was forced to expend all of his Elemental Energy to create a wall of fire that cut them off from the guards. The Toa Metru managed to escape just as the flames had been taken care of.

Some time later, Vakama repaired Nuju's mask, sealing the normal eyehole shut when informed that Nuju may never use his injured eye again. Vakama presented Nokama with dossiers concerning them, during which he discovered that Matau had escaped during the incident that separated them. Vakama was furious and berated Nokama when she tried to defend the Toa of Air, much to her silent shock.

The two later arrived at Bone Isles, where Onewa was being held. Navigating through the seemingly abandoned prison, the two found themselves in a corridor full of freed prisoners going about their business. The mere sight of the two Toa set the prisoners off, leading to them attempting to restrain them. In the middle of the brawl, everyone was stopped by the sudden appearance of a half-awake Onewa. Upon seeing the two, Onewa called for everyone to calm down. Afterwards, Vakama showed Onewa the newly upgraded Lhikan. Onewa told Vakama and Nokama about how the prisoners were eager to help them as a crew and an army out of a desire for redemption for their past crimes. When asked about the reason behind this change of minds, Onewa was cryptically avoiding of giving an actual answer, much to Vakama and Nokama's worry. As Onewa went to get things from within the prison, Nokama pressed Vakama on his earlier explanation for his change in personality. However, Vakama refused to give a direct answer.

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Abilities and traits


Johnny Blaze? Suspect B.

As a former Mask-maker, Vakama has vast knowledge of various Kanohi Masks.

Vakama was plagued by visions of the future, sometimes they occur when the situation is inappropriate.

As a Toa of Fire, Vakama can create, control, and absorb heat and flame.

Mask and Tools

As a Matoran, Vakama used a firestaff as a tool to forge masks. 

As a Toa, Vakama used a Disk Launcher, which he can use to fire Kanoka Disks. He barely uses this tool anymore in favor of a cutlass and Cordak pistols. His hook hand is also useful for grabbing enemies and latching onto objects, like ropes to slide on.

Vakama wears the Great Kanohi Huna, the Great Mask of Concealment, which allowed him to become invisible, but still cast a shadow.


Toa Metru

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"It's just like him, isn't it? His chance at being a "Toa-Hero" got literally washed away so he DITCHES us the best chance he GETS!"
―Vakama ranting about Matau, Pirates: The Regathering

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  • This version of Vakama is referred to as "Pirate Vakama" across the wiki.
  • The Toa Metru each have a characteristic of stereotypical pirates. In Vakama's case, he wears a hook for a hand.