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Name Vakk
Element Fire
Kanohi Kadin
Tools Ice Picks
Occupation Unknown
Location Unknown
Status Dead (Murdered)
Pronunciation Vawk
Gallery None

Vakk was a mysterious Matoran residing somewhere on Senidious Magna.


Early Life

Vakk lived a very mysterious life as a Matoran living on Senidious Magna. All of his jobs were quite secretive, most times even unknown. The very few Matoran who knew him described him as being quiet and having a strong loner mentality. Though he never disclosed what it was, Vakk often regarded to a duty he had to fulfill. Though no true evidence really supported it, it was rumored that he was contemplating a suicide mission. Many Matoran proved to be unfaithful friends, ruling him as "insane" or "psychopathic".


After disappearing for weeks without a trace, Vakk was found murdered by Ha'onn, a bounty hunter from Trelax. The hunter was later arrested and thrown in prison, though he managed to escape. After months of pursuit, Ha'onn was shot and killed in a dark alley.


  • Vakk is one of Kopakamata97's characters that doesn't have a detailed backstory.
  • It is theorized that Vakk was working as a secret or covert agent for the Makuta, and liked to keep quiet about it because he was poor and looking for decent pay.
  • The page for Vakk was Kopakamata97's first on the wiki.