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Valorahk is a mutant Rahkshi that has access to all 42 Rahkshi powers, and can think at Matoran level. He is extremely intelligent, and loves mocking other beings in his own, clever way. He carries a Kurahk anger staff and a rapid-fire Zamor Sphere launcher. He worked for the Dark Hunters for a short period of time, but then faked his death in order to get out.

Original Armour

DSCF4117 Armour Upgrade

SpeciesMutant Rahkshi
ColorsWhite, silver
ToolsBarbed Staff of Power
LocationIrania Nui



Several years ago Makuta Pyrez had been inspecting the Brotherhood of Makuta army of Rahkshi and discovered a major flaw. There was a weak spot located about the rear of the shell, when hit with minimal force, caused the whole shell to open releasing the kraata. Pyrez found this very unacceptible and alerted the other Makuta. But his warning fell on deaf ears and he was ignored. After some heavy violence and teaching of discipline, on Pyrez's behalf, he set out to create a more advanced Kraata. After ages of blood, sweat, and toil, he had believed to have done it. He immeadietly created a rahkshi from it to see the fruit of his labour, and the results were overwhelming. Not only had he mending the all important flaw he had set out to eradicate, but he had created a fully sapient being in the process. This was Valorahk. Pyrez saw great potential in his creation and even sought out to train his language and fighting skills.

Dark Hunter

Eventually, Valorahk grew tired of working for the Brotherhood, so he set out to join the Dark Hunters.


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