Powers Telepathy; Rahi-Control; Kindred; Summoning(rahi)
Location Red Star
Leader A unknown Great Being
Status Currently allies with Brotherhood of Makuta

The Vela are rahi-experts. They also handle any rahi that the Stern Leute have to use in combat.


Coming Soon

Abilities and Traits

The Vela are very kind to any rahi, even Doom Vipers, although they are cruel to everyone that is not rahi. Their main body color is tan with their secondary body color as brown.

The Vela were completely designed to be the rahi handlers for the Stern Leute. The "customized" powers they have are rahi-control, rahi-summoning, rahi-powermimicing, and rahi-communication. Rahi-communication is the power to communication with all rahi.

Stern Leute
Zilax  • Pek  • Hylix  • Gywlak  • Twina  • Mila  • Vela  • Velad  • Kalu  • Morex  • Lomik  • Ealth  • Haleet  • Mraki  

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