Powers Depends on the rahi they are; Telepathy
Location Red Star
Leader A unknown Great Being
Status Currently allies with Brotherhood of Makuta

The Velax are former Vela, the only difference is that Velax are now half-rahi.


Coming Soon

Abilities and Traits

Despite previously being the same species, the Velax have very different personalities from the Vela. The Velax aren't as cruel as they used to be. Their body colors depend on what rahi they are.

The powers that the Velax depend on what rahi is their other half, although a lot of the Velax have enhanced strength. All Velax have rahi-communication, which is the power to communicate with rahi.

Stern Leute
Zilax  • Pek  • Hylix  • Gywlak  • Twina  • Mila  • Vela  • Velad  • Kalu  • Morex  • Lomik  • Ealth  • Haleet  • Mraki  

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