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Bionicle20 144
Caravan Guard
Tribe Fire
Tools Torch Blades, Thornax Launcher
Status Alive
Location Wastelands
Pronunciation Veh-sha

Vesha is the primary caravan guard of the Fire Tribe.


Early Life

On Spherus Magna, Vesha lived with other members of the Fire Tribe under the rule of the Element Lord of Fire. Vesha fought in the Core War of Spherus Magna under the command of the Element Lord of Fire, who wished to control the recently discovered substance known as Energized Protodermis. When the planet split up into three pieces, Vesha and many others were stranded on Bara Magna.

Caravan Guard

After the Glatorian social system was set up, Vesha became one of Magmus' students as a way of honing her skills. She eventually became a minor Glatorian of Vulcanus, fighting arena matches when Glatorian such as Ackar and Magmus were unavailable, though has since also become the Fire Tribe's primary caravan guard.

Glatorian Abductions

Several months ago, Vesha disappeared during a trip from Vulcanus to Tajun, captured by the mysterious Gatherers. She was examined by Rekax, before being held prisoner until she was made into a servant through an unknown process, resulting in her becoming the Skrall's ally as well as yet another soldier for Makuta Cordak's army.

More recently, Vesha accompanied the Skrall Jarzek and a fellow enslaved Glatorian known as Zarkx on a mission to capture a Glatorian wanderer named Xeptek, though was interrupted by Lotawn, who had come to his friend's aid. Before Vesha and Jarzek could engage the two in battle, they were forced to retreat by an approaching Vorox pack, leaving a wounded Zarkx behind. They laeter returned to Skirvex's stronghold.

Much later, Vesha guarded the exiled Skrall Verex along with several other warriors once he was captured. When he tried to escape, Vesha and the other enslaved guards present joined forces and brought him down. Not long after, Vesha accompanied her masters when they transferred to another hideout, in order to keep their whereabout unknown to Verex's allies.

Abilities & Traits

A fierce warrior and honorable fighter, Vesha has deep respect for her fellow Glatorian, especially the veteran fighters such as Ackar and Tarix, though respects none more than her trainer, Magmus. A master of combat in both the arena and in the desert, her fiery temper is both her strength and weakness, as she has been known to charge into battle without thinking ahead.

Despite her short fuse, Vesha is a respected warrior and is willing to protect those important to her to the death.


Vesha's primary weapons are her Torch Blades. She also carries a Thornax Launcher.


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