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Title Mask of Vamprism
Powers Allows the user to undergo "vamprism"
Component disks Unknown
Pronunciation VIS-NOCK

The Kanohi Vhisnok is the Mask of Vamprism.


The Kanohi Vhisnok was created by Mata Nui and Helryx, and given to Saaru, along with her Neirae Greatsword when she was created as a Toa.


The Kanohi Vhisnok allows the user to undergo a process dubbed "vamprism", in which the user's body is physically altered to gain an increase in their combat ability. The process is dubbed "vamprism" because the mask gives the user similar power and appearance to Makuta.

The mask causes the user to gain wings, alters any melee weapon they may have, and the appearance of the mask itself also changes to appear more Makuta-like. These alterations are only temporary, and will revert once the user no longer desires to use the masks power.

However, during the time the masks power is active, and the alterations are present, the user's physical strength is increased dramatically. Every physical aspect of the user is increased, including their speed and durability. Additionally, the user gains elemental control over Shadow. The user can create shadow balls with their bare hands, or simply control shadows and direct them with movements. The level of control the user has over the shadow is said to be the same as a Makuta.

The mask also causes any melee weapon the user carries to undergo alteration. The weapon becomes far more sturdy, and can allows the user to manipulate shadow in the form waves from a swing and blasts of shadow energy.

Known users

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