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Vicoran 1
Artificial Makuta
Group Aratakhas' Legion
Element Shadow
Powers Shadow, Kraata powers
Kanohi Xihius
Tools Spear
Status Alive
Location Unknown
Pronunciation VICK-OR-AN

Vicoran is a former member of the of Makuta Brotherhood of Makuta and current servant of Aratakhas' Legion.


At an unknown date, Vicoran was created by Aratakhas. Vicoran accompanied Aratakhas during his first attack against Furro. Records do not show Vicoran's existence, despite the being partnering Aratakhas all the way to Furro.

After the War, Vicoran followed Aratakhas' orders and formed a Legion of powerful Bounty Hunters and Makuta. Vicoran is indirectly responsible for Crescent's corruption, following an order from Aratakhas.

He continued to serve Aratakhas, setting things up for his planned return.

Personality and traits

Vicoran is extremely dull and is completely void of all emotion, save a signature smirk permanently on his mask. He follows orders without question, and kills upon sight, if needed. He is extremely intelligent, easily calculating his opponents' openings and psychological weaknesses. Vicoran can make very educated guesses on an opponent's abilities from a few glances, understanding and altering his knowledge as he progresses in combat. He does not uphold to any morals.

Vicoran's is mind linked to Aratakhas'. This connection only works one way, letting Vicoran hear Aratakhas' thoughts as Aratakhas pleases. Because of this mind link, Vicoran is unable to be disloyal to Aratakhas, as his mind is controlled and instructed.

Powers and tools

Vicoran carries a dual-bladed Protosteel lance. The spear is said to be crafted by Aratakhas himself upon Vicoran's creation. Vicoran is a master of the 42 Kraata powers, as well as most known combat techniques. He is an excellent at improvising and changing his strategies to exploit weaknesses in his opponents.

Vicoran wears the Kanohi Xihius, the Mask of Incubus. The mask allows Vicoran to convey sinister thoughts or memories with eye contact.



Non-Storyline Appearances

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