Villages of Targask

The four villages of Targask

Villages of Targask
Primary ResidentsTargaskians
Former ResidentsNone
LocationThe edge of the Agrek forest, around the Gartang river, around Mt.Kaljar, Around the Protodermis lake

The four villages of Targask are home to their corresponding type of Targaskian.

The Agrek Village

Home to the Agrek Targaskians, this village is built on the edge of the Agrek forest. The Targaskians here exported wood to all of the other villages prior to the Targaskian Civil War. When the war started, all of the villages put trade embargoes on their enemies. The Village is full of wooden carvings made by the Agreks. During the Targaskian Civil War, the Agreks used their wood to build military camps and training facilities.

The Burtek Village

Home to the Burtek Targaskians, this village is built around the Protodermis lake. The Targaskians here made and exported products made of Bursteel, a metal only found on Targask, prior to Civil War. The Protodermis lake is in fact artificial. The Burteks dug a deep, wide hole in the ground to fill it with purified protodermis from one of their prtotdermis refineries. The Burteks collect the purified protodermis from the lake, and then use it with Bursteel ore to create Bursteel metal. This village is home to many crafters who make useful items out of Bursteel. When the war started, all the crafters went through battle training. Those who passed the training fought in the war. Those who didn't made Bursteel weapons for the Burtek and Agrek soldiers.

The Kaljar Village

Home to the Kaljar Targaskians, this village surrounds the dormant volcano of Mt.Kaljar. The Kaljars here exported technology prior to war. They are the most technologically advanced type of Targaskian. They were the ones who sold the blueprints of the Bursteel refinery to the Burteks. However, the Kaljars are known for their greed, and charge high prices for the technology they make. They hunt Rahi such as Lava Eels, Lava Hawks, and Lava Rats. Their hunting methods are excellent, which is why they can kill Lava Eels and Lava Rats without getting burnt. During the Civil War, the Kaljars decided to get to work planning out new war technologies. They, along with the Agreks, are the best hunters of Targask.

The Gartang Village

Home to the Gartang Targaskians, this village is built by the Gartang river and the southeastern coast of Targask. The Targaskians here are warlike and brutal. The village gave mercenary services to the other villages before the civil war. Does your village need protection from a dangerous Rahi? Hire a Gartang mercenary. The Gartangs were responsible for the Targaskian Civil war by convincing the Kaljars to help then conquer the island. They see themselves as conquerers, and if they win the war, they hope to explore beyond Targask and attempt to conquer whatever islands they may find.

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