GroupBrotherhood of Makuta, Nexensis
ColorsGreen, Black
OccupationLeader of the Nexensis
ToolsScythe Claws, Wing Swords
LocationEn route to Kavaka Nui

Is the Makuta of the Eastern part of the Northern Continent.


Joined the Brotherhood of Makuta when it corrupted. Was an aide for Makuta Vamprah when he first joined. In the time leading up to the Great Cataclysm, he was made Makuta of the Northern Continent. He and his team-mates, Nivius, Rutilus, Vitiosus, Crocinus and Atra were sent Karda Nui with Krika, Gorast, Bitil, Antroz, Chirox, Mutran, Icarax and Vamprah. His team of Makuta quickly lost touch with the Mistika Makuta, but shared their fate. They were mutated by the waters of the swamp and lost the ability to communicate through telepathy and the ability to shapeshift. He became twisted like the others. He is currently looking for the Phantoka Makuta to warn them not to touch the swamp's water. He later escaped his fate in the Energy Storms and headed with his fellow Nexensis to Atrox, seeking help. She agreed, and went to Metru Nui with Crocinus and Vitiosus to confront Teridax. Meanwhile, Viridis, Rutilus, Atra and Nivius went to destroy Karda Nui, which would kill Teridax, in the same way as a heart attack, while Atrox's part of the team distracted Teridax.

He was the only one of the four who stayed back when the Energy Storms ended, thu was the only one who survived when they flickered back. With Teridax dead, he responded to a telepathic message from Crocinus telling him to meet her on Bota Magna and bring with him any Makuta he found on the way. When he did get to Bota Magna, he had Irinax and Reyuanii with him. Crocinus promptly made them join the Nexensis. Viridis promptly siezed leadership, his defence being that he had been the deputy leader. Crocinus told them that Atrox and Astoria had mentally summoned them to Kavaka Nui.


He was a silver and blue armoured being before being exposed the swamp's water. Then he became a permanently winged, green and black armored monster.

Mask and tools

He wears a Kanohi Terrorna and carries Scythe Claws and has Wing Swords on his arms.


Nexensis (v|e)

Leader/founder: Vitiosus (founder, deceased)  • Viridis

Members: Crocinus (deputy)  • Astoria  • Atrox  • Reyuanii  • Irinax  • Sangrinus  • Saurakai  • Chajon

Former members: Icarax  • Antroz  • Krika  • Bitil  • Vamprah  • Chirox  • Gorast  • Mutran  • Atra  •Nivius  • Rutilus (all deceased)

Servants: Destrus  • Cutl  • Rahkshi  • Nexensian Templar Order

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