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Picture 24
Toa Virlo
GroupToa Duskua
KanohiTorimia (Mask of Translation)'
ColorsGreen and Grey
OccupationApprentice of the Toa Duskua
ToolsMidak Skyblaster, Axe of Deflection
LocationDuskua Nui
"Aelo is dead! You have been chosen to take his place!!"
―Ostra toward Virlo [src]

Toa Virlo was a Matoran in Le-Villa of Villa Nui before Aelo died. He then became the new Toa of Air after saving Sagus' life. He was the lowest in rank in all Toa Teams he has been in.


The Substitute Toa

Virlo was a normal messenger for the whole of Villa Nui. He made friends with leto very soon, and uses his bike a lot.

Zordia Nui's Rise and Fall

Virlo was delivering a message to Sagus, Libran and Aelo, when they grabbed him and pulled him away. After saving Sagus from death, he became the Toa of Air. Then, Sagus, Libran and he evacuated a village in Le-Villa. Afterwards, Libran and Sagus chased after Pisci, whilst Virlo was ambushed by Aris. He was defeaten, but Aris was warded away by two Matoran who were resistant to Virlo's orders before.

Then, Virlo and Leto met up with Libran and Koko, Sagus and Polkii to defeat the makuta. When Pisci disappeared, they defeated Skorio and Aris, and locked them in the darkness of Villa Nui's core.

When he went to the Heavens with the Toa Zordia, he met with Leko, Capri and Tori. Capri lashed against him about Aelo, until she calmed down. When they battled the makuta there, Tori's hands were amputated. Virlo looked after him, until Leto arrived on his repaired bike. He carried Tori on it to battle and let Tori control the gun on the bike's back. Virlo arrived in the fight and helped defeat Akari. Then, he and Capri stranded him in the depths of the Heavens' Waters. He then gave his powers to Duskua Nui to defeat Zordia Nui, which he did.

The Toa Constella

Virlo went to the Air Temple for help, and gained his Air Blades and a new gun.

Abilities and Traits

Virlo is a bit amateur and tries to lighten certain situations. He has a very short attention span, and is unable to take in a lot of information at one time.

Masks and Tools

His mask is Kanohi Terimia that lets the wearer translate any dialect. This was his original mask, but it did have the power before. He did not really need it, since he was a messenger, and already knew a lot of dialects. His axe is the same one he defended Sagus with, and has the power to deflect anything that hits it.

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