"Ha, ha, ha, ha. I'm surprised; you, of all people, should've see my betrayal of 'our' brothers. Now it shall be your downfall."-Virus to Vavorkx

Virus is the cause for all the troubles of the Matoran Universe.

Bionicle's 186
SpeciesAlpha Being(prototype)
GroupThe Black Shade
Colorsgrey and silver
OccupationRuler of Alternate Dimension
ToolsLancer, Double Chainsaw staff
LocationBara Magna


Virus is a large monstrosity. He has three faces on one head. The faces represent; anger, vileness, and an average expression of no remorse. His upper body is muscular and leen, like a snake. He has a stinger tail and large powerful legs with spikes covering most of his body.


Early Days

Virus' entire species was created in secret to fight in case of war. However, the Great Being who created them made a mistake, and all his power was trasnferred to his creations. Virus acquired the power of Disease and Death, and his creator died. He was a rough design of an alpha being and like most prototypes he had enormous power but a heart of steel. He soon went berserk and the great beings imprisoned him. He later escaped with the help of a rogue great being. He then decided to have some revenge.

Destruction is His Life

His revenge involved going out in search of Zardak. When he found him he gave him the virus known as "corruption". This is the virus that caused Zardak to turn evil. His next target was Hantrek. He gave her the Dark Shed virus which he made before Nutrex even thought of it. Finally he transformed into a strange "mist" of "rust dust", spreading chaos and disease where ever he went.

Bara Magna

Bionicle's 188

He has currently arrived on Bara Magna and is following Vavakx and Vavorkx. He is also giving advise to Hantrek, to be honest it is more like spelling her doom. He never liked compotition, even if he created it.

Personality and Powers

Virus only cares about himself. He despises all of his brothers and sister(s). That is why he corrupted Zardak and Hantrex. He loves it when good souls go bad and cause mayhem. He is responsible for many troubles in the Matoran Universe.

Virus can make any disease or virus. Not even Vavakx or Manauhk can cure or heal someone with one of Virus' diseases/viruses. He can also master any skill, as long as he has seen that skill used before.


Virus carries two weapons with him. His deadly double chainsaw staff and, his personal favorite, his lancer.


  • All negative events that have happened in the Matoran Universe are linked to Virus in some way.
  • Virus will fight Vavorkx one day, and maybe Vavakx if Diebeq5b permits.
  • Virus was a prototype of the Alpha Beings.

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