"Visas 2 is one heck of a planet. It's very far from it's sun, has no ozone layer, and yet, it can support life. I'd call that quite a phenomenon, wouldn't you?"
―Toa Kaita to Toa Seraph, shortly before the Battle of Visas 2
Visas 2

Visas 2 and Gorgon seen from the icy moon, Artemis

Visas 2 is an "oddball" planet in the Cyto Expanse. It has no Ozone layer that can protect it from the sun's rays, however, it can support carbon-based life. There are many theories on how it can support life, but all of them have been disproven. Nobody knows how it supports life, it simply does.

Visas 2 has only two sattelites, the ice moon Artemis and its Class-Y moon Gorgon.


Visas 2 is the only known habitable ring planet.

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