"If you ever come to me in this manner again, then you won't come out alive, and you stink!"
―Vizserek talking to another Makuta before leaving.
GroupBrotherhood of Makuta, The Trio
KanohiKanohi of Corruption
ColorsRed, Black, Silver
OccupationHunter of Shadow

Vizserek is a Makuta who was created by Makuta Teridax along with Frenserk and Lemserk. They make a trio who never take prisoners, and will do anything to achieve what ever they are sent to do.Vizserek was created first by Teridax.


Vizserek was made for two reasons. One To help spread shadow and darkness, and two, to destroy Shadow. When Vizserek and the other two Makuta left to track down Shadow, Teridax gave them the name; "The Trio", so if rumor got out about them, those who heard it would think it was just something unimportant.

Vizserek was made leader of "The Trio" by Teridax before leaving Destral.

On Drogis

The Trio tracked Shadow to a small island called Drogis. Vizserek getting very annoyed because of Frenserk and Lemserk disagreeing. A few days later, he felt his pray And attacked Shadow. But after the rest of the Trio showed up, Shadow faded. Now very angry Vizserek grabbed Frenserk, for taunting instead of fighting, and throw him to the ground.


Vizserek has the power over fire and earth.He is stronger then the other two Makuta but was not as stealthy. Vizserek carry's a Makuta virus called Vazok on his sword, so if he swings his sword at you then do anything you can to get out of the way, and fast. He will gain another ability if one of his Dark Leeches touches someone.


Mask and weapons

Vizserek has the Mask of Corruption. He is armed with teeth, claws, a spiked sword and flamethrowers that are strapped to his wrists,but with the flame comes another Makuta virus called Straep,and if that gets in you by some way then expect to feel very, very dizzy, along with the burning of fire. Along with all that he has a Tridak pod with Dark Leeches that, when bitten, take one of the victims powers or ability's and gives it to its owner.

"Did you ever hear the story about the Dikapi and the Sand Tarakava? It ends with the little Dikapi walking along and. .Snap! Bye bye little Dikapi.

-Vizserek talking to Shadow moments before they fight.


Vizserek hates to take orders unless their from Teridax. He also hates Toa, but no one has ever found the reason. He will fight to the death, and if someone try's to challenge him he will give him a quick death for being brave.


  • He is NOT my self-moc.

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