"Ahh, the Volcano of Doom. I've been there. It was horrible. The sky was filled with black, bitter smelling smoke that rose from the volcano... pieces of ash descending from the smoke,making the ground black and dirty... and worst of all, the hot lava streams which made waves towards me... like... like the volcano would've wanted to devour me. And turning back was the hardest... since you knew, you would have to face the dangers in the Mountains of Doom again."
―A Matoran who has been at the volcano and survived
Volcano of Doom
Primary Residents Nobody
Location Bio-Land, Kowa Mountains, Mountains of Doom
Status Intact

Volcano of Doom is a volcano at the end of the Mountains of Doom. Even the ones who have gotten there, haven't got pass the volcano itself. NOBODY has passed through the dangerous lava streams and volcano which seems to have a mind of it's own... a mind which only wants to destroy.

The ones that have gotten to the volcano but have turned back in time, so that they have remained live, say that it was a horrible sight. Smoke covering the sky,ashes on the ground, everywhere and the furious lava streams trying to get you like a wave or a hand.

The descriptions of the survivors are the only information got about the volcano.

The Rising didn't affect the volcano. In the formation of Kowa, the volcano of doom remained intact, only it became a part of the larger mountain. The Melding didn't affect the volcano either and thus it's in the condition it has always been, now only a part of Kowa on Spherus Magna.


  • Werotus is the only living being (besides Rahi) to live near the volcano.
  • A few Agori have contemplated about exploring this mysterious volcano, but the Matoran have told them it would be in vain and would most probably cost them their lives.


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