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"What is this madness? The matoran were the cause of this war! Now, I can finally end it!"

Vordakus is known for his impressive armor and crown.


Vordakus was one of the ancient guelc, the seventh. He was awakened from stasis sometime into the conglomerate war. He attempted to continue his plan to exterminate the matoran but this was short-lived. He now lives in Metru Nui and sits as head of guelc representation on the unity council.


On Spherus Magna, Vordakus was the one to originate the idea that the matoran and agori themselves were the cause of the Core War. He rallied many guelc to his side and lead charge after charge against the matoran and agori, causing heavy casualties to them. When the core began to break apart, he was also the one who suggested that the Ark be constructed. As the planet began to break apart, Vordakus sealed himself in a stasis tomb which piloted itself to land somewhere on the Southern Continent, where it would rest for the next 100,000 years.


Vordakus was awakened by the Turaga Mata who placed the power stones in his crown. Vordakus awoke and upon realizing how much time had passed, began to revise his plan to eradicate the matoran.

The Extermination Protocol

Vordakus began to subtly influence the guelc of Metru Nui by subtly manipulating their dreams to brainwash them. However, before he could put his plan into action, he became aware of the conglomerate and called off the hunting of the matoran. Realizing that the matoran and guelc would stand a better chance of surviving the conglomerate if they worked together, he relinquished his mental hold on the guelc. He stepped up to replace Maturak as head of guelc representation on the Unity Council.

Personality and Traits

Vordakus was both charismatic and boisterous, never hesitating to make sure his voice was heard. He was often certain of his power and rarely felt threatened by anyone. Though his raw strength could easily sway situations, he prefers to stay out of conflict and pull the strings instead.

Powers and Abilities

Vordakus had six of the 42 rahkshi powers, those being chain lightning, limited invulnerability, adaptation, illusion, confusion and slowness. He could manipulate the dreams of guelc. He posesses immense strength and uses this in close combat to devastate enemies. The virus within his body is the puppeteer virus: when fired in the form of zamors, it allows him to telekinetically control the target, though living things can resist this attack.


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Rarely brought out into combat, the grand axe is lethal in (sprouting from) the hands of a skilled warrior such as Vordakus.

Vordakus carries the grand axe, which is a massive weapon he can grow from his body. It can be used to amplify his chain lightning and slowness powers. However, its main drawback is that it takes several seconds to form the grand axe and several more seconds to swing it. Aside from the grand axe, Vordakus often carries a pair of long sabers that he wields with devastating precision and skill.