"I may not care for him, I may not even like him, I'll admit, but he never wrong me before. I do not like him, but I do not want him dead, either. I don't want his death, I want his redemption."
―Vultron to Unknown Entity refering to Vultraz [src]

SpeciesFormer Half of Vultraz, split into separate Shadow Matoran, willingly turned Avow-Matoran by Unknown Entity
GroupEnforcers of Tren Krom
KanohiKanohi Pinxor
ColorsCrimson, Black
OccupationAgent of Tren Krom/Anti-Vultraz
ToolsBlade Shield, Skrall Sword, Thornax Launchers, Energy Spike Bow
LocationKorboka Nui, with Zektox


Once, Vultraz was split up in 2 halves by a Spear of Fusion, the result being Vultron, the personalital opposite of Vultraz in every way. He, unlike the original, disliked the killing of innocent or manipulated beings(and he's a SHADOW MATORAN). He once met an unknown entity who intervewed him. When he said that he would rather have his double redeemed than destroyed, the Unknown Entity transformed him into a special matoran type called an Avow-Matoran (Matoran of Light and Shadow). He since then was somehow teleported to Bara Magna where he was forced to fight an insane Skrall. After silently cursing himself for killing it after it did nothing to him, he decided collect its weapons to give to the other Skrall when he was transported suddenly to Korboka Nui back on the Bionicle world, along with the weapons. He then joined the Enforcers of Tren Krom, where, under Zektox's teaching, he is currently learning when he should fight and kill.




  • The Travels of the Avow-Matoran: Vultron's Chronicle
  • The Enforcers of Tren Krom: the Adventures of Feanor and Company
  • Magical Journey (Alternate)


  • For his model, Vultron uses Vultraz's body, but has Radiak's mask.
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