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Whytai was a Ga-Matoran and later a Toa of Water
Group Toa Valmai
Element Water
Kanohi Kiril (formerly), Mahiki
Status Revived
Location Red star
Pronunciation why-TIE


Not much is known about Whytai's life as a Matoran. Because she was so quiet, she never told anyone about her past. It is known that she had very few friends, because no one really remembered her until she suddenly became a Toa.


Whytai was a very quiet and gentle Toa. Unlike the rest of her team, she wasn't aggresive at all, and rarely fought at all. However, she was somewhat of a pushover. She never opposed her teammates, which often led her into precarious situations. The only battle that she really helped in—she normally assisted her teammates by covering them with her Rhotuka spinners and water blasts—was the battle of the virus. The reason for this was she didn't consider the Visorak, Exo-Toa, or Rahkshi to be living entities, thus it was perfectly all right to dispose of them.


Whytai was killed when she sent a Nova Blast to wipe out a large percentage of the army. The stress weakened her so greatly that she fell unconscious. She was then hit by a Visorak Rhotuka spinner.

Tools and Abilities

Strength: 40
Agility: 75
Toughness: 42
Mind: 100

As a Toa, Whytai carried a shield and a water spear. At one point, Lhitan made everyone winged jet-packs with long-ranged Zamor-sphere launchers. She refused to use the Zamor-sphere launcher though. Whytai's mask, the Kanohi Kiril, was Whytai's original mask. However, as a joke, Ahi forged her a Kanohi Mahiki in the shape of a Kiril, and switched Whytai's mask in her sleep. The next day was well remembered by all, as it was the only time that she ever made an outburst. Thousands of years later, Whytai was forced to once again don the Mask of Illusions when hers was smashed in the Toa/Dark Hunter War.


  • Whytai was originally going to be blind, but since Renddslow couldn't find any other blind characters, he decided to abandon that idea.


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