Headquarters/Base Destral
Leader(s) Unknown
Status Serving the Brotherhood of Makuta
Goal None currently; Make the Brotherhood of Makuta stay happy
Allies Brotherhood of Makuta
Enemies KBO; Toa; Order of Mata Nui

The X-Phantoms are a gang that serve the Brotherhood of Makuta. They also have constant battles with Xvla.


Coming Soon

Abilities and Tools

All members' minds are trained to be able to use Kanohi. All members use a Kanohi that have the power of Phantomility. They all are also trained to be stealthy just in case they're not wearing their Kanohi. X-Phantoms also carry Stealth Guns, which is a silent gun that has a laser to improve accuracy. Individual members also have their own powers.

Before the creation of the Surak, the X-Phantoms used electronic devices, called X-Packs that allowed them the powers of Phantomility, although the devices sometimes got over-heated, and the X-Phantoms had to wait for the X-Packs to cool down. Another disadvantage of the X-Packs were that you could only use one power at a time.


The X-Phantoms also have their own vehicles that are created by the Brotherhood of Makuta. Below is a list of known vehicles.

  • White Knight-a motorcycle that has the powers of Phantomility and limiter-flight; it also has missles and cannons
  • Shadow-a massively huge air-vehicle that has the power of Invisiblity; it has force fields and huge cannons/missles

Known X-Phantoms


  • Revlox
  • Teridax


  • Tera (captain)

Rouge Members

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