Xelovakk was the Creator of the Universe of Tamakun, the home Universe of many Kutoran. His elements are not primary, because he is known to have multiple elements, but his main element is unknown.


Xelovakk has existed for more than millions of years(though there was little proof that this was true), and created the Universe of Tamakun. In that Universe, he created life forms that would NOT be recognizable, including the main inhabidants called, Kutoran(though in the Matoran Universe, Kutoran are seen as a "legendary" species). Xelovakk's first creation was the very first Kutoran, and created other things, including early forms of the Makuta species. Xelovakk wanted to create more Kutoran, but only the first one was a sucess, and he was driven mad, and he chose to become evil at this time. Xelovakk then joined the so called "Makutas" and became their leader, and later on, a giant known as Alphinox came, and both Xelovakk and Alphinox pretended to be enemies. Xelovakk didn't plan on leaving, just because he became defeated by Zephros, but another Great Being, known as Horus(Hades's brother) came, forced Xelovakk out, and for some odd reason, Xelovakk couldn't re-enter Tamakun. Xelovakk then went even more insane, and he started to wreck havoc on other Universes and Realms. Because of this, an Unknown Organization came and locked up Xelovakk somewhere in the Universe of Bara Magna.


Many of Xelovakk's creations CANNOT be destroyed, nor can they get killed or die by ANYONE. Here is a list of Xelovakk's creations:

Abilities and Traits

Most of Xelovakk's powers are unknown, but he is known to pull things from the future without disrupting the timeline and the space-time continuum. Xelovakk can also put ANY kind of creature under his control and use them as his minions or servants. Xelovakk can also pull someone or something from any alternate realm, alternate universe, or any alternate dimention.

Masks and Tools

Xelovakk has NO Kanohi mask, and he uses a pair of razor-sharp claws. He now uses an Upgraded Nynrah Ghost Blaster on his right arm, while his left arm became corrupted. He also has Razor-sharp gears on his feet for when he steps on his enemies, the gears on his feet will cut up the throat of his enemies or victims.

Now, Xelovakk uses a Saw-Sided Shield(not Skrall version), and a really long sword enhanced with electrified shadow. He also carries and energized Nynrah Ghost Blaster, which was given to him from Tazzuk.


  • Xelovakk was created by CrazyCarapar(BloodKirby84 in Youtube)
  • Xelovakk will appear in all five MOC series from "Early Life" to "Truth of Evil"(though, "Early Life will be written into chapters).
  • Xelovakk is one of the very few evil MOCs that is blue.
  • Xelovakk's main element will be revealed in "Revenge of the Lost".
  • Xelovakk's personality is based off Transformers Decepticon Leader Megatron.

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