Xia Island Chain
Primary Residents Vortixx, Skakdi, Ivak, Vorad
Former ResidentsNone
LocationSouthwest of Metru Nui
PronunciationZEE-ah EYE-land ch-ain

The Xia Island Chain is a island chain created after the events of Karda Nui. All islands in the chain, are considered war-zones, and should be avoided.


The Xia Island Chain is result of an explosion that occurred on The Mountain. The explosion caused The Mountain to separate around Xia, and since The Mountain was alive, the bits and pieces of The Mountain around Xia began to grow, and grow, and since the bomb that exploded contained traces of life, the pieces of The Mountain grew even faster. But when the rocks grew into the size of islands, the Vortixx decided to kill the islands, has it was alive, and the Vortixx thought the islands would be a threat. So they created weapons to kill the islands.

After the Vortixx killed the islands, species migrated to the islands, but one of those species were the Skakdi, and since they are war-like, they sparked a war between the species that migrated to the islands. That war would begin the tradition of the wars and armies of the Xia Island Chain.


The Xia Island Chain is just like Xia and Zakaz put together: environmentally destroyed, very few natural resources, and destroyed buildings everywhere. It is extremely fatal to live there, or even just visiting for a day can cost you your life.




  • The Xia Island Chain is so dangerous, that when the Keo Botez Order no longer has use for their prisoners, they just send them in a random location on a random island on the Island Chain. The prisoners never last for more than 3 days alive.

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